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Your Trusted Partner For Marketing, Design & Development of applications

We deliver Digital Marketing | Web | Software | Mobile Apps development services to global businesses & agencies. Excellent balancing of creating connection & discovery experience with the creative internet sphere. We draw your requirement plan into a granted outcome. The enterprises to develop & deliver client symmetrical projects and solutions. Our legend team always fulfills client demands. We add a fun, unique, and engaging atmosphere to client business. Your business success is directly proportional to our success. So let’s walk together and celebrate success.


Shartra Services

Global pioneer for Worldwide clients across IT Solutions


Digital Marketing

We help you to promote brands and products through digital channels. We offer more than traditional marketing methodology. There are endless opportunities to get promote business over the internet.


API development

APIs grew assets that inspire revenues and efficiency. We are proficient in developing | integrating custom APIs, open-source APIs, WordPress REST API, and third-party APIs.


Graphic Design

Deliver Compelling Design. Inventing and preparing visual elements such as typography, images, symbols, and colors for a complete branding project. Visual identity | Marketing & advertising | UI | Publication | Motion | Environmental | Art, and illustration


App Development

Build your business mobile app. Today's world is faster & tapping fingers on a mobile screen faster than browsing the web so keep your business on with the app launch.


Enterprise Solutions

We regulate with diverse realm experts for furnishing turnkey solutions such as Enterprise Digital Transformation | Application Modernization | Business Intelligence Solutions | Cloud Migration Services.


Web Design & Development

Initiate your enterprise vision with the help of designing & developing a website. Generate your customer for your company over the digital world. Create your brand & host your dream with your business name.

Facebook Marketing first choice 90%
Instagram Marketing for fashion related product & service 65%
Twitter Marketing troll news and publicity 50%
LinkedIn Marketing hit Professionals & companies 45%
Youtube Marketing 80%
Pinterest for artistic workfolio 22%

Are you reaching out to your target market online?


With a Data-centric plan with the right Social media marketing tactics, we help increase your sales by 4X by showcasing your product/service to the right audience. 

4 International Level Certification

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Reach your eBusiness full potential with our expertise

Shartra achieves a project objective that is measure with efficacy, productivity, and success metrics via the following 6 steps throughout the project completion.

  1. Learn Project Specifications and Aspirations.
  2. Examine Project and plan workflow.
  3. Establish Significant Project Milestones.
  4. Keep Clear Communication Routine.
  5. Test and Monitor Execution Performance.
  6. Upgrade Project after completion.

Let's Get to Talkin'

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  • Talk to: Technical Support
  • Mail for: Complaints/suggestions

Why we called legends Hub?

Construct Trust & Be Transparent

We have confidence in showing a solid duty to maintainable, dependable strategic policies. Building trust and working with the most elevated level of straightforwardness is crucial to what our identity is.

Convey Perfection

We mix ground breaking with a commonsense methodology that spotlights on taking care of business, transforming choices without hesitation and conveying results with most extreme flawlessness.

Drive Innovation

We work together with our customers to drive genuine advancement – the caring that changes a thought into an industry – empowering them to accomplish an upper hand.

Exercise Agility

We practice dexterity – an ability to remain adaptable and react quickly to meet our customers’ fluctuating needs. Our broadly educated workforce grasps the change to convey in an evolving world.

Client Ethical Approach

The code of ethics following in our business establishment are Integrity, Honesty, Dedication, and Commitment. We practice a set of guidelines in our organizations that compose good decisions in the workplace. Beneficence | Nonmaleficence | Autonomy/Confidentiality | Social Justice | Procedural Justice | Authenticity | Fidelity.

Guidance Measurements

Our company business value relates not solely to a business’s worth to create long-term revenue, but also generate products, services, vocation, and endowment returns. Customer-centricity concentrates on rendering a positive customer experience to accelerate profit.


Certified IT company. We are bridge between you & Technology.

Shartra feel glad to build IT solution and become your IT partner. Gather, analyze & set a plan- how to achieve the goal. We promise to design would be independent, well-defined interface & clean implementation. We commit to deliver reliable, correct, efficient, user-friendly, & integral software/application.

  • Prepare definition of requirement
  • Design project model, realize risk & implement the plan.
  • Identify, Construct & Disseminate sets of components for existing & future applications.
custom conceptual logo design
Artistic conceptual logo design
Modern logo design
Subccribe Monthly SEO Package for Her Website
Client Charlton volvo centre
Internet marketing client category

Success Stories

Explore a thriving portfolio of case studies where advanced technologies solutions deliver innovative digital solutions applications and target hits marketing strategies that fuel business growth.

Business To Business SEO Port Industry Marketplace store

B2B eCommerce marketplace development.

Marketing Partner for PBS: Tele-Health Solution

Being As SEO & Social Media Marketing Partner for PBS

Full-time Dedicated WordPress Expert

Fully operational WordPress website

Frequently Asked Questions

Supercharge Your Business- From setup to Execution. Below, the most common and repeated questions which our visitors ask about our IT consultant services. Listing client queries with short descriptions to help our readers access answers quickly. If you do not find your topics, contact us through live chat support or send your message on the instant messenger app like Whatsapp, skype.

  • How Shartra technology is the best IT agency for you?

    We are an IT service provider serving by an experienced professional hand. We explore & grow with technology stack expansion, expanding work portfolio, and offer flexible work at an affordable cost.

  • How Shartra technology - IT Services Company is profitable for my new business?

    Whether you are a startup, entrepreneur, product company, or digital agency, joining hands with Shartra Technology company can help you save costs, speed up the establishment of your business online, and ensure the quality of services. We are a global IT company that will be your technology consulting partner to fill a digitalize gap. We help you to achieve a competitive edge in the digital ecosystem. Furthermore, We can add more value to your business while you can concentrate on core business functions.

  • What kind of Clients do you have?

    Our teams have helped reputable global brands. Besides working with enterprise clients, we have experience working with several exciting startups and small businesses too.

  • Will there be any privacy concerns if I partner with your companies?

    Your intellectual property, vocation ideas, and other crucial data are perfectly safe when you join hands with The Shartra. We sign non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) and ensure that all compliance to the quality of systems are meet when you create deals with us.

  • Why should I get hire remote professionals and teams from an India-based IT consulting company?

    Shartra Technology has the most network infrastructure IT professionals pool, and the Indian government has set out many policies to welcome business from international boundaries. Hiring remote resources or set up a team remotely is also very affordable here.

  • How do we communicate in the company? What tools do you use?

    We are available on multiple platforms for faster communication. Tools such as Gmail important notification Google Meeting \ Anydesk \ Zoom for a conference Skype for daily meetings Trello, TeamWork, Clockify, Asana, Zoho Projects, and Hubstaff for Project Management.

  • What if I am unhappy with something?

    Our IT manager is very engaged, especially with clients, outsourcing companies managers, and reports continuous feedback. You can always reach out to them to discuss any issues and be assured that they will be resolved promptly and transparently.

  • What is your process for getting to know a client and their brand?

    An online enterprise isn’t just about the appearance over the internet but, it sets the path for your sphere’s future growth and success. Shartra- Information technology specialists will take an absolute interest in your company’s plans for the future to ensure we are settling together the right solution for you.

    We execute an analysis of your current province and metrics to identify:

    • what is working and what is not,
    • Competitive industry and market analysis to get a better sense of effective trends in your particular business.

    As a future tech solution partner, we will host a series of meetings to ask thought-provoking questions that allow us to dig deep into your brand.

Pricing Table

SEO Plan Packages


per Month

Basic Package


per Month

Standard Package


per Month

Premium Package

Expert keyword research Upto 15 Upto 45 Upto 80
Local Search Optimization 25% 50% 70%
Initial Review & Analysis
On Page optimization
Off Page Optimization
Content Marketing
Social Media Sharing
Monthly Reporting
Customer Support
Monthly SEO blog posts 1 post per month 2 post per month
Re-optimization Every 12 months Every 6 month


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