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Top 21 most Untapped Digital Marketing Strategies for eCommerce

Digital marketing for ecommerce

Ever wonder how you’re going to take your e-business to the heights of Mt. Everest?. Running any business is difficult in today’s digital world. Everyone is running behind online success for their business. Just like the old days, keeping your position on top of the market is a must.

To make your ecommerce website design work for you, you need to work on eCommerce marketing.

What is eCommerce marketing?

Ecommerce marketing involves making sales by spreading the awareness of the products or services of any E-business. Digital marketing company helps to achieve more sales and growth of aby online business.

Many digital marketing companies use eCommerce marketing to generate such traffic into customers. Ecommerce marketing uses social media platforms, digital content, email campaigns, search engines, and more to turn their traffic into valuable customers to buy their products and services.

To make it possible, e-commerce development companies need proper marketing strategies to convert their visitors into customers. It is straightforward to lose customers in one second in this online world.

Let’s learn 21 Most Untapped Digital Marketing Strategies for E-Commerce.

Top 21 most Untapped Digital Marketing Strategies

Over $3.5 Trillion in global e-commerce purchases happened only in 2019. This number expected to grow by about 17% by this year.

Digital marketing strategy focuses on helping you generate hype in the sales. Most importantly, focusing on developing an emotional connection with your customers, keeping them enticed with you for the future.

Video Marketing 

1. GIFs: A silent way to describe post content with animation, which makes a perfect addition to your digital marketing strategies. You can use it in your promotional emails. And here is why?

  • They can quickly grab the attention of the reader.
  • It is a better way to demonstrate your idea in a 5-seconds.
  • They are funny, creative, entertaining, and expressive.

Do you know that animated GIFs can boost your conversion rate and revenue by 26%? Yes, you read it correctly. Many companies have gained lots of income from GIFs like Dell, ModCloth, with the help of Just drop GIF, which speaks your brand message, purpose in your emails.

2. Video Marketing via Blogs:

If you want to stand out from the crowd of the E-commerce market, then you should try something different. Instead of roaming around in the mainstream marketing strategies, pick the power of video marketing. Let’s get popular among shopaholics. It can be a series on how to use it? Videos or an advertisement for your new arrivals.

Like all other digital marketing services, Video Marketing helps your business to promote their brand via Video advertisement. Experts found out that a video that is well explanatory and conveys your company’s idea can give a 20% conversion rate. Let’s see how?

  • Google more preference for Videos content over text content. For most of the people around the world, videos are brief and have all the information in it.
  • Video is more attention seeker, and yes quickly takes the attention of many netizens.

Are you looking for Tik-Tok marketing purpose, You may follow this blog that shares some easy ways for video marketing on Tik-Tok or its similar application.

3. Podcasts:

According to a survey conducted by Microsoft Corporation, the average attention of viewers has reduced to 8 seconds from 12 seconds. It means we have only 1 second to grab the attention of viewers. So if you don’t want to miss out on your eCommerce marketing, include Podcasts as your other digital marketing services.

Podcasts allow you to pull audio files (MP3) form any website. It is similar to radio, but instead of AM or FM channels, they are life via apps like Anchor. You can interview, more specifically, host experts to share their views.

It is good to have your Podcast that would surely help you to generate additional sales.

4. Live Streaming:

E-commerce marketing and Live Streaming equals to Spectacular success. As both the strategies are blooming and are in trend also so why not use them together. Social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and others have an option for Live streaming.

Now the question is how you are going to use it for your E-commerce marketing.

  • Behind the scene live video: People enjoy watching behind the scenes events. It is attractive and also exclusive making live streaming more engaging.
  • Interviews and Q/A session with your customers and viewers. It is the best way to communicate with your customers and solve their problems in real-time. This type of session is full of engagement, information, and communication.
  • Of course, Product launch, big announcements like upcoming sales, or any special events, You can give away information like this on your live stream videos and boost your sales.
  • The training session, including points like the easiest way to buy your product, or how to use it. For instance, your E-business is related to clothing; you can go live with your fashion tricks.
Contest/Challenges time: Get your customers excited about such events.        

5. Contests:

You’ve got a Social media account as per your digital marketing services. So, let’s use these platforms to engage with your audience. These accounts are made with a purpose to build your trust with your customers.

You can use your social media platform to announce a contest or challenge. For example, ’14 days Diwali Contest’. Ask your audience via this challenge to share their everyday Diwali stories by using the hashtag (suggested by you) and tag you in their stories.

Or pick a Giveaway challenge. In this world, everyone loves to prefer free items over anything.

It creates a win-win situation for you. This event will not only help promote your company and sales but also helps to build community.

6. Polls:

A social media tactic to engage your audience. It would be the most entertaining way to ask questions or play a quiz with your viewers. Adding GIFs, make them more attractive, and give life to your quiz.

People feel more connecting with your brand. 

If your site hurts its SEO, you can heel it by applying a few easy tricks. Read blog about how to improve website rank and you love it.

Create Highly Valuable Customer-Centric Content

Fun Fact: 79% of companies who have a blog page that is being consistently updating has reported a positive ROI for inbound marketing.

Yes, it is good to have blog posts in your e-commerce website design. Blogging has considered being a useful tool in generating traffic on your e-commerce website. Digital marketing companies should have to focus on both blogging style – a Long-form Blogging and Short form Blogging.

7. Long-Form Blogging:

This form of blogging follows a detailed and more informative approach by breaking a single topic in sub-topics. Then these sub-topics are explained in the blogs along with examples, short survey reports, and sometimes infographic attachment.

To make it more explanatory and informative, you can add videos and podcasts. This blogging includes keywords, or FAQs from customers, and more to rank highest in google SERP.

8. Short-form Blogging or Micro-blogging

It is more like a news alert. The short form of blogging may have one sentence or at least up to 300-500 words. According to a quick Google search, it has come out that a shorter blog is much better for SEO. As long as your readers are getting the required information from your blog posts, then your blog doesn’t need to be in the bulletin or long paragraphs.

Social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter due to their word limits have given the Micro or Short-form blogging much more popular in recent times.

9. User-Generated Content:

Give value to your users by allowing them to generate content in their style. By this, they can feel more valued, and in return, you gain their trust. Digital marketing companies can use this strategy by creating challenges, and as a bonus, you can publish their content on your social media platforms.

10. Create the list of Images on Pinterest

Pinterest is a massive platform for visuals, and people enjoy saving the pin’s image from their favorite eCommerce stores. This activity can be of many reasons:

  • To purchase them in the future;
  • Just for inspiration;
  • Or maybe to share them on their social media account.

Whenever someone pins an image into their Pinterest account, they are sharing it with everyone who is following them.

All you have to do is to create Pinterest specific visions, which are undoubtedly visually stunning, unique.

Collaboration and Cross-promotion

E-commerce development companies can (or should) use the collaboration or cross-promotion in their E-commerce marketing strategy.

Wondering how it will works? Let’s figure it out.

11. Create a Collection:

Create a capsule collection, specially designed limited edition of items. For this, you can partner with another company or brand that can align with your brand.

This plan can quickly turn into a win-win solution for both the companies and undoubtedly the most creative way for eCommerce marketing.

Now why is it an excellent idea, mainly because of two reasons:

  • It is good to combine two great brands
  • Cross-promotions of each other brands, and adding each other’s audience into the promotion

12. Start a Campaign with Influencers

In short, using an Influencer to promote your brand or product via their platforms. These influencers can be a blogger, Vlogger, or such. How?

It is effortless; for example, you are a beauty product eCommerce store. All you need is to send your newly launched product to a Beauty blogger to review or endorse your product.

Yes, this would be paid based on the size of the audience and the scale of exposure you get.

Now, why is this campaign good for your eCommerce website?

  • A review is coming from a trusted source.
  • Get a good exposure due to a broad audience. 
Time for Email Marketing for your Ecommerce Website

You have already heard about Email marketing; it is one of the services of digital marketing companies.  

How can you use it in eCommerce marketing in the most creative way?

13. Send alert of shopping cart abandonment emails

Your eCommerce website development company can use this smart and beautiful marketing trick from CRMs like Hubspot to send customized emails to the shoppers who have abandoned their cart.

You know that if a customer logged in to your e-commerce website, he/she has put loads of items into their carts to purchase them in the future. Now, what could you possibly do?

You can send a highly customized email with the list and the picture of the items they have put in carts. Do not forget to keep below in your emails; Personal information like name, address, or relevant information. 

Send emails early – within 24 hours of abandonment

Keep the consistency in your emails

Do not forget to persuade them with social proof like customer reviews, ratings, comments, and requests for a recommendation.

Send discounts/offers on those products but not after 2nd or 3rd email.

14. A Wishlist Reminder

Lots of customers have a list of products in their Wishlist bucket. It is widespread in every eCommerce business running around the world. This reminder is because of reasons; They want to buy them in the future.

Then why don’t we remind them of their wishlist?

Send them an email with the link of their list, and you may include coupon or voucher code to get them into the circle of buying the product.

You can also make this procedure as an Automated push notification for every week or two.

15. Convert your Visitors into Subscribers and Subscribers into Customer

Once you build the list of email addresses, it’s time for the next step. This digital marketing strategy helps you to convert your visitors into loyal customers. All you have to do is to based on their interaction over each email you have sent previously. You learn about buying preferences. It gives you content for future automated emails so that they may buy any product from your website.

How are Exit Intent Pop-ups Worth for Digital Marketing strategy?

16. Creating the email list:

Before starting any eCommerce marketing, you always need a list of emails. As you know, eCommerce email marketing is essential; hence you need a list.

First of all, make sure you have email forms strategically all over your eCommerce website. We can do it easily by adding an exit intent pop up to your website. You can ask them to subscribe to your website by suggesting them with reasons like daily discount updates.

17. Capture Abandoned Carts

The most powerful eCommerce marketing strategy is to recover shopping abandonment carts. There are lots of people who left their cart abandoned, even after giving lots of time on your eCommerce website. It refers to the customer are so close to buying your product.

If you want to capture such visitors and want to turn them into your valuable customers, then you should add Exit-intent Popups on your cart page. You can add limited-time discounts or so, which is fit for your eCommerce store. 


18. Innovative approach towards your eCommerce website.  

The secret of digital marketing is to follow the innovative approach and create content consistently diligently. Your eCommerce development company helps you to create a better website design. By making it more interacting and easy to navigate. Not only this, but your website, blogs, videos, podcasts should also always encourage people and show your passion. 

19. Your Story is their story

People love and find storytelling more entertaining and convincing. Your visitors love to visit your site, social profiles, or blogs that tell the stories. It can be the story of your brand or product. They want to see how your brand can bring a difference in their lives. 

20. Build a Community

To come closer to your customers, we start with the idea of creating your unique social identity. It can be done quickly by creating a page on your social media profiles. This strategy leads to creating a community of people who share and follow the same ideology. On this page, your customers are free to give their views or opinion and interact with you and each other. 

21. Launch a store on your Social Media accounts:

According to the survey, most of the people spend their time on social media platforms like YouTube (85%) and Instagram (72%) over Facebook (51%). Digital marketing helps you to create a store on your social media account. 

It works fantastic for customers who like to invest their time on these platforms and would love to buy from here. 


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