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Hire Dedicated Paid Ads Campaign Manager

Top-notch marketing skills and in-depth knowledge of, Google Adwords, Google Adsense, PPC & paid advertisement marketing assets.
You can hire an advertiser analyst to develop an inbound marketing strategy. In this process, advertiser bids on particular keywords that users type into search engines, in succession to display a related ad to those users, confidently bringing them into the advertiser's site.
We are a single spot platform for running paid ads campaigns over Google, Bing, Amazon, App-store, Quora, classified site & social platforms. Its results reach the desire of an audience, generate traffic and lead to improving your visitor engagement.
Shartra Technology provides dedicated professionals advertisers working to achieve:
Target Cpa
Target Return On Advertising Spend
Maximize Conversions
Enhanced Cost Per Click
Tailors Your Audience
Recommends Bid Adjustments
Maintain Ads
  • Optimize ads for nearby landmarks

  • Utilize Ultra-specific landing page for ads

  • Campaigns for Voice Search

  • Cover Quora,Amazon & Reddit platform for good ROI.

What will Shartra do for your PPC Campaigns

  • Being act like smart bidder to optimize conversions through:
    • Audit history &  develop the optimal bid
    • Set max CPC results to improve ROI
    •  tailoring bids on every auction
    • Enhance CPC through managing level conversion settings, seasonality adjustments, and value rules.
  • Increase ad groups and keyword bids during busy or special events.
  • Manage a budget limit from wasting a well-performing ads.
  • Avoid wasting money on poor result.
  • For voice search ads, focus on long-tail keywords.
  • Optimize ads as per target natural language.
  • Indentify local best practices & call extension for easy contact by visitor.


Fast & Effective Digital Advertising Spot

How our Digital marketing executive helps you to run paid ads to bring good CTR & ROI along with brand awareness and expose business product or services: 

  • Google campaign
  • Bing campaign
  • Social media ads campaign
  • Campaigns for Voice Search
  • Amazon Paid Ads
  • On Publisher’s media -blog, website, shopping portals
  • Play store & App-store Ads
  • Display ads – Youtube & TikTok  etc


  • PPC advertising is an incredible method to uncover your organization and item to intrigued clients.
  • Customers make in excess of 160 billion quests for every month on Google alone.
  • Google Ads alone arrives at a system of more than $2 million in sites and applications.
  • As per Formstack, PPC advertisements are one of the main three generators of on-page transformations.
  • 65 percent of all snaps made by clients who mean to cause a buyer to go to paid advertisements.

Want to hire expert digital advertiser for your business?

How much does it Cost?

Hire your PPC partner to develop, launch, and manages your paid advertising campaigns. We have monthly package for long term PPC projects. Also we categorized short term project into:

  • Flat rate
  • Percentage based
Shartra Technology Pvt. Ltd.