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Younger Social Media Marketing Executive Available as Resource

Top-notch marketing skills and in-depth knowledge of social business pages or profile promotional & marketing assets.
We help you to promote your business profile/ products with a stunning strategy. From website to App marketing, experts can handle social media business pages like Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn & Twitter and a lot more content optimization to reach maximum people. We are a single spot for social platforms marketing, running paid ads campaigns over social platforms for leading content to desire an audience, generate traffic and lead to improving your visitor engagement.
Shartra Technology provides dedicated professionals working to achieve client goals and targets. We believe in sharing resources and achieving success for the better world.
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  • Only Professional Team

  • Dynamic Marketing Strategy

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What will Shartra do for your Social Media Campaign?

We are an Intelligent Digital Marketing Agency offering 360° advertising arrangements, client procurement  service for businesses hoping to create leads and sell items through the internet. Our solution includes full strategic planning, competitor analysis, lead creation, media distribution, and media outreach.



Hire dedicated, proficient, sole identity, bold specialist for an  impactful vibrant advertising who aim to achieve desired results & improve visualization over the internet. Shartra is your marketing partner will do for you: 

  • Curating a brand awareness 
  • Create and post shareable videos and images
  • Boost Likes, share views of your page and posts.
  • Monitor, moderate and respond to audience comments
  • Recognize & understand your audience on each account.
  • Crafting a direct message
  • Manage social media partnerships with other brands
  • Tracks how much traffic is driven
  • Report to the head of Management/Client.


  • Competent Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & LinkedIn ‘s marketable skill & many more.
  • Enthusiast in Public relations.
  • Creative & staying on top of emerging trends and technologies.
  • Client business need internet marketing. Due to lack of time & work management, simply Hire Social Marketing as resource from Shartra.
  • Experienced Resource demand a very high salary. This one side story, now a day’s Expert demand high wage payment , healthy working environment & job security.
  • Communication skill big factor. At Shartra, our business analyst play a great communication bridge between client & team.

Want to Start Social Media Marketing for your business?

Launch your brand marketing today and tell your success story.

At the point of ideal opportunity when you going to hire marketing expert. It’s significant that your resource has a decent comprehension of your business, your rivals and the message you need to depict through your brand identity promotion to your intended audience.

Quickly unleash cross

Affordable Pricing


  • Facebook, Instagram Twitter LinkedIn - Any 3
  • Create Post (Image & Content): 8-12
  • Sharing in Groups
  • Hours of Work / Month - 25
  • *Email, Chat, Phone Support
  • Reporting
  • Account Management / Audit
  • Increase Page likes & Followers


  • Facebook Instagram Twitter LinkedIn - Any 4 Social Platform
  • Create Post (Image & Content): 12-16
  • Sharing in Groups & Join Communities
  • Hours of Work / Month - 30
  • *Email, Chat, Phone Support
  • Reporting - Monthly
  • Account Audit & Optimize - Any 3 profile
  • Increase Page likes & Followers - Any 2 profile


  • Upto 6 Social Platform & 1 business profile
  • Daily Create Post (Image & Content): 25
  • Sharing in Groups & Join Communities
  • Hours of Work / Month - 40
  • *Dedicated Account Representative
  • Reporting - bio Monthly
  • Account Audit & optimize -upto 6
  • Increase Page likes & Followers - 3

Contact our Sale executive for your custom requirement through [email protected] Please feel free to write your project requirement via filling the form and our executive will contact you within 12 hours.

*terms & condition apply.

Before order, kindly review terms & condition. If you have any query, our sale executive will help you elaborate terms of plan. Feel free to make request for quote from here.

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