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How to speed up your website And Importance ?

Shartra Technology Provide you speed of your website .

We are leading Website Development/Seo And Digital Marketing/Mobile App Development   Company in India (Jaipur) Shartra Technology  Leading Mobile App Development/Website Development/Seo And Digital Marketing Service Company Of India.

Recently Google Changes terms and conditions in there algorithm due to this website speed up is drop down as well as traffic of website is also drop down . It means
you’re not only losing your current visitors and decreasing conversion rates, but you run the risk of you site loosing traffic from those customers who may have referred your website to others.

Below are the steps that help you to fix speed issue for your website :

1. Utilize CDNs & Remove Unused Scripts/Files

Reducing this distance by spreading your content across a variety of geographically dispersed servers just isn’t a viable option, and will a bit too complicated to implement.

2. Browser Caching

Browser caching allows assets on your website to be downloaded to your hard drive once into a cache, or a temporary storage space. Those files are now stored locally on your system, which allows subsequent page loads to increase in speed.

3. Compress Images & Optimize Files

remove any images of assets you believe you don’t need. This includes libraries of icons you only use two of, those extra three fonts you thought you might use but didn’t, and images that maybe could be replicated with CSS (such as colored backgrounds or gradients).

Importance of Website speed :

Shartra Technology Leading Website Development Company Of India provide you Great speed on Desktop as well as Mobile Version Also if you want Seo And Digital Marketing also our team will provide you Great service .

Every business wants their website to deliver a great user experience, regardless of their industry or niche. A website that delights new or returning customers is likely to perform better than one that does not.

  • Carousels (sliders)
  • Image sizing
  • Hosting and Content Delivery Networks

Shartra Technology (We Launch Your Dream )If necessary, we can prepare a detailed project proposal with the breakdown of the features, technologies, phases of work, time-line, exact costs, and other important details.

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