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For running a business, we must promote our business information to the max audience. Sometimes business promotion helps to earn audience trust. Example When you heard new brand name then you will discuss & trying to find is anybody knows about that brand. If you find any relative, friends, neighbor even crowd then you will start little believe in that brand.

Traditional promotion is television promotion, news ads & banner etc & they are very expensive. That time no-one knows google & social media.

This digital era, and now our grand-parents know google & social media platform. So You new business / starts-up should be active on digital market& the internet.  This New era’s customer is very smart, Now they start to search on google, social media business page & many more. They start from research, find branding identity, review and then become your customer.

In short, digital marketing is less expensive & get your customer at your virtual business store that we called the online store or business website.

Here we clear, digital marketing is not only for the website. Although the mobile app also needs digital marketing too.

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