Why Digital Marketing Important For Your Business ?

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Why Digital Marketing Important For Your Business ?

Marketing Guru Shartra Technology

Currently we live in 21st Centaury so for online presence of your product need to do proper marketing for boost your presence on Google as well as social media platform .

As All know for any Online Business Digital Marketing provide key point of Success

Shartra Technology Best Digital Marketing Company Of India help you boost your online presence. We have Team Of Digital Marketing Expert provide best service to our client overseas.

Today 22% of world population on face book And 51% of total population uses Insta gram Every Day. Basis fact is that most every user active on social media at least 2 hours every day. So when we do marketing of any business on social media platform with proper target area location then we generate leads .Shartra Technology Provide you great ACHIVEMENT to perform Business Goal of your product.

Benefit of Digital Marketing in 21st century:

  1. Open Growth option for small business .
  2. Conversion Rate will get higher
  3. Customer support help
  4. We can get connected from mobile users .
  5. Brand Trust Increases Day By Day .
  6. Get ROI Investment.
  7. Instant Customer .

  Method of work includes for Digital Marketing :

  • Keyword research for conversion point of view keyword emphasis positive emphasis and negative emphasis.
  • Competitor ad and landing page analysis landing page creation if required (Extra charge)
  • Campaign type analysis -Search network and Display network.
  • Campaign set up Designing responsive and simple Ads -Banner or text logo (If required)
  • Potential placement analysis Ad schedule procurement keyword match (Exact Match, broad match, phrase match)
  • Lead generation or conversion tracking An Ad run in the selected network.

  Shartra Technology (We Launch Your Dream )If necessary, we can prepare a  detailed project proposal with the breakdown of the features, technologies, phases of work, time-line, exact costs, and other important details.

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About The Author

Nishant Gaurav
He is the co-founder of Shartra Technology .Excellent Marketing and Promotional Background. Demonstrated Ability To Interpret Technology and Market trends as a Foundation for Technology And Product Road Maps. To deliver the best product to the client by implementing advanced strategies for gathering, reviewing and analyzing data requirements and applying quality management techniques. Responsible for implementing Digital Marketing strategies for clients. Understand and support initiatives that will contribute to the goals and success of client digital marketing campaigns.Provide strategic planning for all SEM and SEO initiatives and lead the execution process.
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