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Shartra Web development is the commitment to developing a website for the business online or interacting with a massive virtual visitor. Website development includes finishing a simple single static page of plain text to complex web applications, digital companies, and social system services.

The Essential Website Development Process Steps From Zero
  • Discussion

    In the first stage, initiate analysis goes in the project definition through remarkable consultations with a client is vital for the clarity. So we sorted details such as:

    Purpose:  what use will the site be

    Target Audience: determine the choice of design and style for the website.

    Content: What kind of information or service will be provided by the website to its target audience?

    A site’s content, purpose, and target audience will influence the choice of technologies and what functionality will be advantageous. 

  • Planning

    This second stage of taking prudent decisions like:

    1.  Preferring the technology stack
    2. Opting software development methodology
    3. Defining the deliverables
    4. Determining the quotation and resources to complete the project.
    5. Creating the content structure and sitemap 
    6. Wireframing of project 
    7. Planning the layout, including UI and UX design.
  • Designing

    This stage is where web designers transform wireframes into typography, color graphics, animations, buttons, menus, and much more. Then, our artistic UI designers arrive, design the website layout & look through follow the client’s requirements. We can also offer a mockup using tools:

    • Adobe Photoshop
    • Adobe Illustrator
    • Figma
    • Sketch 

Web Design turn into Functional Website



Once all project stakeholders approve the design, the next point of call is developing the website itself. It is classified into phases: Frontend & Backend development.


Frontend Development

It means the client-side portion of the webpage to communicate with the users. We are transforming the designed webpage into fully responsive & user-friendly web pages into unique animations and effects. Here Functions are finally integrated based on the selection of technologies and tools.


Backend Development

This phase of website development is called the coding engine of the project. It is the flip-side of frontend development. The backend is the intercommunication of the user-side and the server-side, interfacing the entire website. Thus, the backend code is accountable for the server-side, database, integration of business logic, and so on, depending on the website's purpose.



After the development, We performed a series of accurate, precise, and repeated tests to confirm the elimination of bugs. In addition, our quality assurance team analyses for functionality, usability, compatibility, performance, etc., so You have a well-functioning site.


Code Deployment to make Website Live

After confirming that everything runs smoothly without a glitch on the website, we publish your web project on a live server hosted on the client domain & their server. Again We perform Comprehensive testing, performance testing, etc.

Hire Dedicated Web experts

Bringing dedicated remote based web-developer to your company at modest cost.

Outsource your Web projects

From simple to complex website development projects, Send the required details that you want to outsource. We will connect you with an accurate quote within 12 hours.

Become Our reseller partner

Do you want a collaborative partnership to grow your business? Send your interest we will indeed be glad to connect with you.

Your End-To-End Website Development Solution Partners | Shartra Technology

A well-designed and well-functioning website is vital to a company’s enterprise success. Websites are more innumerable than simply a way to sell goods; all must involve users and contribute an appealing and seamless user experience to retain customers coming back. Therefore, websites must be composed, redesigned, maintained, and encouraged to meet the standard mentioned above of success.

We Take care of your all Website solution needs.

  • Post-deployment & Maintenance

    After publishing the project on a live client-server, Finally, we optimize a web page, load speed & optimize server, etc. We also offer monthly paid maintenance for both the website & server. 

    Constantly updating and maintaining your site is essential to assuring that your site is running at total capacity.


Discover a growing portfolio of case studies where we harnessed advanced technologies to build transformative digital solutions, software products and applications that fuel business growth.

Build a School website dedicated to provide online classes to children and teenagers.

Functional LMS Multi-lingual Website

Business To Business Sea Port Industry Marketplace store

B2B eCommerce marketplace development.

Extend Existing WordPress website with online video content webstore.

Extend Existing WordPress website with online video course website. Develop an online video course using the following tools: – LearnDash – uncanny Toolkit – WooCommerce (checkout) – Zapier

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