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Clients propose a range of services in fast-moving businesses and need customers to search quickly and select what they want.
It is essential to quickly update data such as products, services, news of innovations, or awards without any technician help. It will make possible by a good content management system‘s admin dashboard.






Website Builder Tool

Shartra gives you a constructing a tailor-made website for competitive business advantage. For particular industries, a website needs custom functionalities. Therefore, we granted that a custom web design must have a notable influence on the bottom line.

  • Business Informative Website

    Having a stunningly designed dynamic website bound with information about your company.  We deliver SEO-friendly & fully responsive web layouts to present the goods or services you provide. It will significantly enhance the outward perception of your organization. Benefits you get initially:

    • Custom Lead form integrates with your email.
    • Live chat for instant visitor support.
    • Beautifully display your portfolio
  • Business Listing Website

    Shartra technology will develop your online selling website. There fore You can start your online store:

    • Only business listing for getting inquiries.
    • Business listing to get orders from the website with payment or without payment.

Bespoke makes sense when web development makes client work suitable for their aims and what our clients need to do. But, of course, we’re developing with extra essentials in mind, like accessibility and industry best practice standards.

Website With CMS solution



We build an elegant creative professional website to showcase client work & service portfolio and tell an online story, article through a blog.



We produce high-quality, customized donor-friendly websites for nonprofits with secure missions apparent. Develop layout to attract supporters, easier volunteer recruitment, unite with social media.


Crowd Funding

A viable concept to raise funds for projects or ventures online. We have developed a funding business model based on Equity | Reward | Donation


Business Directory

Business directory websites with model Single-Level | 2-Level | Tree-Structured| Acyclic Graph | General-Graph Directory.


Online Store

From selling listings, ads, offer booking & reservation services to generate high extra income from digital business. In addition, we build engines for your customers can search, access advanced features to book your service quickly.


Without investing manage physical inventory stock, You can set up an online store & display a product from a 3rd-party on your webshop run.

Application Programming Interfaces (APIs)

We develop Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) for open data and application functionality for other technicians and 3rd party users. APIs play an essential role in modern companies, adding new aptitudes to their plans and products for their partnership strategies.

Healthcare Solution

From the Healthcare industry to any professional consultation, we deliver an online appointment web portal where users can schedule appointments, get reminders, and pay online. In addition, an owner holds power to switch availability and manage their appointments.

Your website is your virtual office | Make remarkable website for your business

Shartra CMS website development is the means of conceiving, specifying, designing, programming, documenting, testing, and bug fixing to build and control web solutions. Our dedicated web developers and designers can guarantee that your site takes your business to new heights from architecture to delivery. In addition, our web development team can add enterprise-level e-commerce features, offering scalability and integration solutions.

Shartra follows a distinctive method to develop software systems that focus on building single-function modules with well-defined interfaces and operations. In addition, we offer individual services & functions like building blocks that form a more extensive microservices-based application. 

  • Web design & development

    Web design & development is an umbrella term that represents the full-stack process of creating a website. Web design prepares the look & feels, while web development determines how it functions inbuilt. We mold your virtual company presence into a visual story via a website.

  • 3rd party Integration

    This method allows Connect data, applications, APIs, and devices across the client company to be extra efficient, productive, and agile. Vertical integration is the perfect short-term solution for subsystems of a company.

As per client requirements, we are happy to develop a custom content management system solution.

Success Stories

Discover a growing portfolio of case studies where we harnessed advanced technologies to build transformative digital solutions, software products and applications that fuel business growth.

Business To Business Sea Port Industry Marketplace store

B2B eCommerce marketplace development.

Full-time Dedicated WordPress Expert

Looking to hire a WordPress developer with expertise in Elementor Pro? Look no further! Our team of skilled WordPress developers is well-versed in utilizing the power of Elementor Pro to create stunning and responsive websites. Get in touch with us today to discuss your project requirements and take your WordPress website to the next level with Elementor Pro’s advanced features and functionalities.


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