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If you wish to outsource dedicated Magento resources, remote M2 developers have practice accomplishing numerous clients across several industries. By hiring Magento-Programmer from Shartra, you can be guaranteed reliability and efficiency as it will cover project management. Besides, we assign a superior developer to ensure a sleek process.

We produce highly secure eCommerce stores development. We will nevermore expose your idea or data. In addition, Shartra Technology endorses a strict NDA to warrant your data remains confidential.

Choose Shartra to hire dedicated Magento developers; we offer reliable & 24X7 support & work according to your time zones or preferences.

Magento grants are millenarian of trademarks with the latest eCommerce solutions. Choose our qualified Magento-developer and arrange a seamless third-party alliance.

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    Magento Ecommerce development

    With astonishing versatility to customize and fantastic functions, Magento is the fittest eCommerce CMS for every enterprise in the industry at a truly affordable price.

    • Design & Customized Magento 2 eCommerce development. 
    • Development of shopping cart with M2
    • Magento CMS assimilation with any external site
    • Build SEO friendly store | multi-store | multi-site
    • Advanced Reporting System
    • Magento theme installation & customization

    Custom Magento development

    Develop Custom M2 store to satisfy a custom requirement for an enterprise for extraordinary versatility and incredible functions at a genuinely affordable price. We achieve to deliver the best service as we have skills such as:

    • Modification & Creativity.
    • Multi-Tasker
    • Experience in several eCommerce Integration.
    • Powerful Widget Development skills for Magento.
    • Custom CMS Themes Development talents.
    • Familiarity with PHP Programming

    Magento Theme development

    If you want to design & develop a unique online shopping portal for any specific purpose and add specific custom features then We will develop your project from scratch. We have coding zealous and possess with:

    • Conversance of PSD and XHTML.
    • Familiarization with MVC architecture
    • Experience of Object-Oriented-Programming
    • Coding with MySQL / SQL / SQLI / MongoDB is mainly for combining with data.
    • Proficiency in XML- configure modules ideally.
    • Support & Maintenance

    Magento Extension Development

    Sometimes, When clients want to get custom dataflow, design & functionality that is not found in the Magento marketplace/community then we will fulfill with developing custom widget development.

    • Familiarization with MVC structure
    • Understand & much familiar with the Magento environment.
    • Proficiency in XML & javascript.
    • HTML & CSS
    • Coding HTML, CSS, Javascript
    • Expertise to customize Magento Admin panel

    3rd Party integration

    Correlates your eCommerce e-shop to external 3rd party services and intensifies your site’s overall functionality.

    • SalesForce or any Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Integrate with M2
    • Tax management Integration
    • SAP or any enterprise resource planner (ERP) integration
    • Accounting suite integrate like Quickbooks with M2 
    • Off the shelf Magento integration
    • Custom Magento API integration
    • Integrating Magento beyond APIs
    • Magento and Data Import with Magento’s REST API

    Magento1 Migration Magento 2

    Shartra gives a high-quality Magento 1 to Magento 2 migration service to enhance your Magento-webshop such as: 

    1. Improved Security
    2. Magento community Support 
    3. Faster Performance
    4. User-friendly Interface

    Our migration service covers: 

    • Setup M2 installation on server
    • Database migration
    • Theme migration
    • Migrating extensions
    • Custom functionality
    • Testing 

    Magento Services on a Glimpse for Business Growth


    Upgrade from Magento 1 to Magento 2


    Upgrade M2 with the latest version


    Customization Services


    Module Development


    SAP/ ERP Integration


    OsCommerce-to-Magento Migration


    Magento Enterprise Development


    VirtueMart-to-Magento Migration


    Magento2 Development Services


    Magento Database Migration


    Magento2 Theme Customization Design


    Magento-Ingram Micro Integration

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    Our in-house team of qualified Magento experts has excellent coding practice and can perform fast and build secure online stores for all sizes-small, large, marketplace enterprises.


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    Magento grants are millenarian of trademarks with the latest eCommerce solutions. Choose our qualified Magento-developer and arrange a seamless third-party alliance. Shartra technology perfectly matches your expectations with experienced Magento coders to develop excellent, feature-rich, and reliable Clean Development and Testing web-applications.


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    Below, the most common and repeated questions which our visitors ask about our Magento services. Listing client queries with short descriptions to help our readers access answers quickly. If you do not find your topics, contact us through live chat support or send your message on the instant messenger app like Whatsapp, skype.

    • How to migrate Magento 1.9 to 2.4

      Moving from Magento 1.x to 2.x is an operation, not an upgrade. The database schema alters so much that the method is referred to as Migration.

      The data has to be exported, decoded to the new database tables/columns, or tossed as applicable. 

      The directory network and internal functions of Magento have been revised so extensively that you will require to inspect with your M2 developers to bring modules rewritten to perform with Magento 2.0. The same proceeds for themes and templates.

      Primarily, you will be handling the old 1.x version on your live site while you transfer your data to the 2.x version operating on a development test server and function testing until you believe it’s ready for real-world use.

    • How to migrate Magento 2 to another server

      1. Back up the files in the test server.
      2. Export the Magento Database.
      3. Transfer Magento files to the new server.
      4. Import the database to the new server.
      5. Revamp the database details file.
      6. Alter the base URL database table.
      7. Refresh cache and Reindex Data.

    • What will Magento 1 to Magento 2 migration cost?

      To elevate from Magento 1.9 to Magento 2 project will lean on the number of customization, store complexity, extensions needed, and data migration. 


      Make clone design of your Magento 1 store; our experienced developers and competent, talented UX/UI designers develop a new theme for your new Magento 2 website. The process takes longer than around one month. Using this method, the cost to migrate to Magento 2 theme is from $1500 to 2500

    • How to reduce Magento 2 migration Costs?

      Shartra technology assists you to manage Magento 1 to Magento 2 migration expenses:

      • UX & wireframes will have to be simplified. 
      • Design on a budget mourns from the exact lack of customization choices as the UX section. Modeling a tight budget, you can get stuck with either a standard Magento theme migration or a pre-built Magento Marketplace theme with restricted customization options.
      • Extensions. You’ll have to hold your third-party extensions as few as potential. 
      • Data migration prices can be lower if you don’t require extracting your whole order/user/inventory history.
      • Post-release polishing is an optional item unnecessary for small or medium marts that don’t face intense pinpoints in user activity due to seasonality or marketing events. 

    • What is Data migration risks?

      You’ll need a lot of expertise to install and migrate Magento 1 data properly. Here, tightening up will leave you with broken products, categories, orders, logs, or customer profiles. If you’d like to withhold migration and add the products manually to the new store, that’s a good opportunity to save money. You can save approximately one day for each entity that you will not migrate over to the new store.

    • Is utilizing Magento backup sufficiently to bring the whole page to its current state after deleting (and installing it back) it from the server?

      If you like to archive your magento website, you only need to:

      1. Copy all files/directories in your web folder (e.g. /var/www/html/)
      2. Do a mysqldump of your Database

    • How does Magento pricing work?

      Magento pricing relies upon the webshop requirements, functionality, and customization and can be split into

      • Development Cost
      • Designing Cost
      • Themes & Extension Cost
      • Hosting Cost
      • Support and Maintenance Cost

      There is no exact quote for Magento Pricing. The primary reason behind this uncertainty is the wide range of options and choices store owners can use while building their Magento stores.

    • What is Magento Search Engine Optimization?

      Ecommerce is a very competitive firm, and Google or any SERPs is the battlefield where it all plays out. If your shop is not in the top ten results for the target keywords, you do not matter to the contest. To get into Google’s Top Ten results, you need to up your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) game. For this, you require to hire an SEO specialist with a proven track record of getting Magento webshop ranked high in Google search results. Shartra Advance Magento SEO services start price around $750 per month.

      In general, Magento SEO experts provide a host of related services, including:

      • Website Audit
      • Keyword Research
      • Competitor Analysis
      • Revise and Redo Product Pages
      • Page Speed Optimization
      • Google Analytics integration and reporting

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