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SMM | Boost Business Social Profile Visibility.

At Shartra Technology, activities like publishing text and image posts, videos, and other shareable content. These help to build a strong relationship with your audience and increase engagement levels.


Marketing Plans


Instagram Influencer


Social Media Optimization


Affordable SMM Pricing Plan


$150 per Month


$300 per Month


$499 per Month

Social Platform Facebook, Instagram Twitter LinkedIn - Any 3 Facebook Instagram Twitter LinkedIn - Any 4 Social Platform Upto 6 Social Platform
Number of business profile 1 1 1
Create Post Create Post (Image & Content): 8-12 Create Post (Image & Content): 12-16 Create Post (Image & Content): 20 | *video-3
Sharing in Groups Sharing in Groups & Join Communities Sharing in Groups & Join Communities
Hours of Work / Month 20 30 40
Influence Boost Increase Page likes & Followers - Any 2 profile Increase Page likes & Followers - 3
Audit & Optimize Account Audit & Optimize - Any 3 profile Account Audit & optimize -upto 6
Reporting Reporting - Monthly Reporting - Monthly
Customer Support *Email, Chat, Phone Support *Email, Chat, Phone Support *Dedicated Account Representative

Why prefer Shartra Technology for Social Media Marketing service? 

  • Only Professional Team
    • Company of experienced practitioners, specialists, and managers within the digital entrepreneurs that firmly believe in achieving results. 
    • Custom resolutions that are tailor-made to match client goals and aspirations
    • Broad perception of user models, trends, and behavior within the social channels
    • An integrated plan that is technology and analytics chased
    • In-house content contributors to assure the usage of the multiple optimal contents
    • 100% performance-based guaranteed 
  • Dynamic Marketing Strategy

    Our solution includes full strategic planning, competitor analysis, lead creation, media distribution, and media outreach.

  • Hire Rocking Social Media specialist

    For parenting client’s social business page to grow a reputation over the internet, drive traffic, leads from it. We are classified pro marketing service in recurring monthly based:
    SMO for social page or profile.
    • Develop a dynamic plan for SMM
    • Create Social posts and boost their engagement. 

Why do all industries need social media marketing?

  • If you are a newcomer in the business, your SMM specialist will recommend using robust and well-defined social media messaging to stand out and build your niche.
  • Social media marketing does not beget to cost you a hearty lot of money, at least initially. You can review your budget with our social media marketing agency and develop the best strategies within your budget.


Every market demands SMM services if you aspire to be noticed and heard on social media. You will earn profit from social media marketing:

  • A trustworthy brand presence online
  • Build a unique brand tone
  • Upgraded brand awareness 
  • A uniform stream of followers/ brand loyalists
  • One-to-one public communication

 To understand this in detail, you should hire a social media marketing expert to go to page: How to build a brand on social media.

    *Please note: We offer social maedial maketing campaigns starting at $250/month, and inital setup starting at $100 one-time.


    Supercharge Your social media platform- From setup to Execution. Below, the most common and repeated questions which our visitors ask about our social media marketing services. Listing client queries with short descriptions to help our readers access answers quickly. If you do not find your topics, contact us through live chat support or send your message on the instant messenger app like Whatsapp, skype.

    • Does Social Media Management is part of SMM?

      Social Media Management is about maintaining online content by planned posts and tarrying in touch with associates and followers. The chief goal of our digital marketing company is to generate consumer intercommunication. But, indeed speaking, social media management does not involve accelerating any brand or product through social media. So, there is no marketing connected. And, this is the most significant distinction between social media marketing and social media management.

    • What social media places do you operate with?

      We take care of your business’s social appearance crosswise to all quintessential sites. The popular ones include: Facebook | Instagram | LinkedIn | Twitter | Pinterest | Google My Business | YouTube | Quora | WhatsApp

    • What are the profits of social media marketing for small businesses?

      The benefits of social media marketing are not restricted to big brands with large spending capacities. By hiring Shartra Technology as your social media agency, small businesses can also take pleasure in social media. You will notice a gradual acceleration in brand awareness, leads, conversions, and website traffic.

    • How does social media marketing save your cost?

      Active and frequent responsive on social media, you can efficiently reach out to your audience without paying much for customer care services.

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