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Facebook and Instagram Marketing Services – Drive Business Success

Combine the power of Facebook and Instagram to maximize your marketing efforts. Our integrated approach ensures that your brand is strategically positioned across both platforms, leveraging their unique features and targeting capabilities. Benefit from our expertise in crafting compelling campaigns that resonate with your audience on Facebook and Instagram.

Experience the true potential of Campaign Management on Facebook and Instagram for your business.

Trust our dedicated team to manage your Facebook and Instagram marketing campaigns from start to finish. We handle every aspect, including ad creation, audience targeting, budget optimization, and performance tracking. By leveraging our expertise, you can maximize the impact of your campaigns and achieve your marketing goals.


Expert Facebook and Instagram marketing strategies


Customized campaign creation and management


Targeted audience research and segmentation


Engaging ad design and optimization


Budget allocation and optimization


Social media content creation and scheduling


Remarketing and audience retargeting


Dedicated support and consultation from our team of experts


A/B testing for continuous improvement

Result-oriented internet advertisements solution

You can draw into the impressive power of a facebook-marketing team to transform a poor performance into salutary foresight.

Customize the method of getting potential clients or customers interested in your brand product or services


Market Research

We do Quantitative and Qualitative statistical analysis and calculation that gets attended to accurate end-results.


Create Content

Applying Market Research, We compose texts, articles, images, videos, podcasts that contribute entertainment information while meeting distinct intentions to pull web traffic and potential clients.



While forming the reputation of the business name, our primary focus is on business content optimization for enhanced CTRs and visibility for grown user engagement.



Advertising via optimized content is performed through digital arteries such as search engines, other social media platforms, email, blogs, websites, Google My Business, or any digital platform.



Analyze the results and work to reoptimize the marketing plan. For example, originate plans to attract Local, National, and International Customers as per client’s needs. However, run non-paid campaigns to increase likes and shares.


Generate Awareness

Shartra Facebook Advertising Services understood clients’ target audience, focus on Facebook’s marketing strategy; We follow to Promote Businesses & profiles, replying to comment, sending direct invitation messages. 

Growing your lead-generation branches, get a top position in your industry.  

Do you want more traffic?


We cover the top 7 Worldwide Internet Marketing areas broadly: 

  1. Search engines: Google | Bing | Baidu | Yahoo
  2. Social Media: Facebook | Instagram | YouTube | Linkedin |  Snapchat | Pinterest 
  3. Blogs: Personal | Business | Corporate | Affiliate | Niche 
  4. Online ads: PPC | Google AdWords | Bing Ads | Facebook Ads | Instagram ads | Linkedin Ads
  5. Affiliate marketing: Unattached | Related | Involved Operations. 
  6. Emails: Customer acquisition campaigns | Conversion campaigns | Retention and trust campaigns.
  7. Mobile apps: SMS | MMS | Application | Mobile Games

Your future enterprise marketing spot | Shartra Technology

We boost ROI through digital channels that make up digital marketing.

The offline and online worlds are colliding. As a result, traditional appliances electrifying into electric vehicles, Smart-home, and even arriving digital billboards will be modernized to leverage digital media. 

Do you want to move your company to a monstrous super-power in your industry? 

Setup & Integrate Online Marketing Strategy with us.

Start Digital competitive analysis.

Ready to take your Facebook and Instagram marketing to new heights? Contact our experienced team today to discuss your business goals and discover how our specialized services can help you enhance your online presence, increase brand awareness, and drive meaningful results on these popular social media platforms. Let us be your trusted partner in unlocking the full potential of Facebook and Instagram marketing.

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