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Responsive Charges

Why You Hire Shartra
• SEO Content Optimization.
• Social Media Marketing and Management
• Identifying Online and Offline Marketing Channels
• Identifying Online and Offline Sales Leads
• Conceptualizing & Executing Marketing Campaigns
•Manage and maintain the organizations website
•Write and optimize content for client website and social accounts such as Facebook, Instagram and Quora
•Track and analyze website traffic flow and provide regular internal reports

How You can Hire Us

  • Share your requirement with us
  • Connect with our Business Analyst team
  • Get Resume/CV of expert
  • Conduct Interview expert
  • Sign off  the Contract
  • Let start work


Hourly rate will be vary from 5$ to 25$ as per expert's skill & experienced.

Hiring Remote Resource in Trend.

Let we discuss why remote based resource hiring so popular today. Popularity increases day by day because achieve a healthy corporate working environment.
  • Client want to develop their custom project. Due to lack of time & work management, Simply Hire Expertise as resource from company.
  • Experienced Resource work on very high salary. This myth, Now Expert demand high wage payment as well as healthy working environment.
  • Due to communication skill also big factor. Here company business Analyst well work great to create communication bridge.
  • Shartra Support is incredible.
  • Shartra visiualization: Shartra ‘s vision to touch sucess sky but foot must be stay connect with earth. It seems little complex but reality is very easy. We would teach our connection stay cool & calm while working.
  • Equality: Shartra belive all opportunity are equal. They take us toward the sucess. Do hard work work for all with same dedication.
  • Durability: It make person perfect in thier hard time. We all knew hard & good time is phase of life. Same thing happen with client project. Some module are easy or complex. With work experienced and patience project success rate is higher.

Resource Availability:-

  • Hourly
  • Per Day
  • Monthly