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Shartra Technology is a full-featured website ranking service provider that gives organic SEO including keyword research, SEO audits, web page optimization, link analysis, link building, ranking examinations, website monitoring, and much more. Improve your rankings and get more customers. 


Small business


Large business


SEO agencies

The perfect solution for your business 

The SEO hotshot at Shartra technology helps you to touch your website promotion goals as fast as possible. As a result, get more customers and increase sales.

  • Enterprise level SEO

    Small business

    Shartra Technology offers a complete SEO service that you need to get a website to the top of Google’s search results. There is no need to look for extra tools or services.

    Large business 

    Large businesses hire SEO experts from Shartra to get their websites listed on Google, Google Mobile, Bing, and other search engines. With the advanced SEO tools used by us to push search engine optimization in the right direction.


  • Contract with SEO agency

    Shartra collaborates with many digital marketing agencies that outsource their client projects to link building, page optimization, etc., by our in-house specialists. Also, we send their clients modern SEO reports in their company format.

    Hire SEO expert | Get Top rank Guaranteed 

  • Local SEO

    Shartra assists you in promoting your website in your area: local ranking tracking, rich results for local sites, local optimization. We drive the impact for: 

    • City-targeted position tracking
    • Ranking marks for businesses without websites
    • Rich results originator for local sites
  • Mobile SEO

    Nearly 60 percent of all online searches are carried on mobile devices. Shartra technology improves to get your website into the mobile search results of your customers. We perform strategies like: 

    • Mobile optimization
    • Mobile rank tracking
    • Audits for mobile websites

SEO Monthly Plan Pricing | Raise Your Engagement





Keywords Plan Upto 20 Upto 30 Upto 50
Initial review & Analysis
In-Depth Site Analysis
Duplicate Content Check
Competition Analysis 1 2 3
Baseline Ranking Check
Keyword URL Mapping
Broken Links Check
Google Penalty Check
On-Page Optimization
Header (H1) Tags Optimization
Internal Link Structuring & Optimization
Existing Content Optimization
Robots. Txt Creation/ Analysis
Xml Sitemap / Analysis
Google search console Tools Set Up (if not setup)
Google Analytics Set Up (if not setup)
Desktop Page Speed Optimization*
Fresh Web Content Suggestions* (Writing Charges Extra)
Title & Meta Tags Optimization Upto 10 Pages Upto 25 Pages Upto 50 Pages
Google Analytics Goal Conversion Setup Suggestion*
Image & Hyperlink Optimization
HTML Site Map Creation
Website usability analysis
Footer Optimization
Check Header Status, Meta Robots, Google Cache of Page
Check Mobility Issues
Custom 404 Page Analysis
No Follow on External Links
Schema & Structured Data Mark Up
Logo Optimization
Schema on Contact Address
Schema on Breadcrumb
Schema on Blog
Local Search Optimization
Google My Business Setup & Verification
Local Business Directory / Citations 3 5 7
Contact Address in Footer
Content Marketing (per month)
Blog Writing 1 1 2
Classified Writing 3 5 7
PDF Creation 1 2 3
Infographic Creation 1 2 3
PPT Creation 1 2
Guest Blog Writing 1
Off-Page Optimization
Blog Submission 1 2 3
Blog Promotion 5 10 15
Company Profile Listing 6 10 16
Article Submission 1 1
Article Promotion 5 10 15
Classified Submissions 10 18 25
PDF / Doc Submission 8 10 10
Video Promotion**
Video Submission**
Press Release Promotion 3 in respective Month 5 in respective Month
Press Release Submission 3 in respective Month 5 in respective Month
Infographic Promotion 1 3 5
Infographic Distribution 1 1
PPT Promotion 2 3 5
PPT Submission 1 1 2
Blog Commenting 2 5 8
Q & A Submissions 1 2 3
Images Submission
Guest Blog Posting 1 1
Guest Blog Promotion
Monthly Reporting
Search Engine Rank Report
SEO Activity Reports Monthly Bi-weekly Weekly
Google Analytics Report
Customer Support
Email, Chat, Phone
Project Management Tool Tracking
Price $300 $450 $750

Shartra helps growing businesses, hits a new PR, and helps our client climb to the top of Google’s search page. Our proven tactics, methods, and intelligent/practical program to SEO consistently assist clients in achieving results.

  • Deep SEO audits

    The website audit methodology identifies faults on your web pages that can provoke problems with search engines and suggest or fix them. Checklist of the Audit Report consist of: 

    • Identify website SEO errors that degrade the ranking
    • Automatic tests of all essential SEO elements
    • Optimize internal links
    • Update website performance
    • Check duplicate content problems
    • Adjust the indexability of web pages
    • Make sure that website operates on different devices.
    • Examine the security settings of the server
  • Smart Keyword Research

    In this extensive phase, we will do: 

    • Find keywords and share a list of suggestions
    • Select the right keywords
    • Advanced keyword research for Optimize keyword lists 
    • Using popular keyword research tools, Spy on competitor keywords
    • Optimize keyword lists 

    If you aspire to higher SERPs rankings and heavier traffic, you must try our keyword research service once. 

    Let’s get started.

  • Website On-page optimization

    Shartra technology helps you to make sure that search engines will prefer your web pages. We optimize each page manually and deliver results: 

    • Your web pages stay relevant 
    • Increase visibility over search engines. 
    • Become on Google’s first results page
    • Get listed for your keywords
    • Be active for connotative search

    Recent search engine algorithms concentrate on topics, not on individual keywords.

  • Off-page | Link building

    We optimize the links that point to your site | improve the backlink structure and remove bad links that acquire higher rankings on search engines. 

    We do link building with high PA/DA/TF/CF.
    • Find link influencers
    • Discover related domains
    • Get link opportunities
    • Kick-start your links
    • Manage your backlinks
    • Benefit from local hubs

Send your featured request 

  • If you have a feature request or a suggestion, Feel free to send us your queries. Customer feedback is essential in our business to improve the SEO plan for you.
  • For long-term contracts or commitments, you need to apply for a custom contract and sign off from both parties. 

How can I buy an SEO service, and how does the special offer work?

Shartra Technology SEO service is a monthly subscription service with Stripe. You’ll be billed for the current month if you cancel, but you won’t be billed again. 

We sometimes offer a trial period for a reduced price (or for free). When you buy the special offer, your subscription will be continued automatically after the trial period at the regular price.

*Recurring orders are non-refundable

    *Please note: we offer SEO campaigns starting at $2,00/month, and SEO Audits starting at $50 one-time.

    Supercharge Your Web rank- From Plan to Execution.

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