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Website & Server maintenance services enclose various services you require to preserve your website secure, user-friendly, and up to date.


With Shartra customizable Maintenance plans, it’s comfortable to maintain your company’s site safe, up-to-date, and serviceable for users. Plus, you eradicate the anxiety associated with managing, monitoring, and maintaining your website. 

Top standard instances of maintenance services comprise:


Periodic content updates | Security scans and patches | CMS support and updates | Regular site backups | Interactivity maintenance | Tech support


Security & CMS Updates




Full Web Maintenance

The perfect solution for your business 

Keep your website in tune, malware-free, and fast for your audience’s browsing pleasure.

  • Hourly web maintenance pack

    If your enterprise doesn’t require regular monthly plans, we even suggest web maintenance services hourly. This plan includes the identical deliverables as our monthly pack, but you’re assessed at an hourly rate.

    Shartra hourly web maintenance services include:

    • Regular updates
    • Tech support
    • WordPress/Magento/any PHP based CMS maintenance
  • Essential Website Maintenance & Tech Support Service

    This package covers the below features. Get a Free Quotation for your website. 

    • Fix error codes
    • Repair broken links, buttons, imagery
    • UnHack – perform security audits
    • New functionality requests
    • Fix existing or create new forms
    • Update images, functionality, content
    • Make responsive
    • eCommerce integration
    • Speed performance optimization
    • Website page updates
    • SSL certificates
    • Server moves & configuration

Monthly website maintenance plans


Security & Updates

Full Web Maintenance Plan

Advanced Full Support Maintenance Plan

Website Updates MtoF 7a-6p EST
Quarterly Security patches
Annual CMS Version Upgrades
Daily Security Scan
Urgent CMS support/restore if website is hacked
Monthly full-site backup & storage at 3rd party location (for easy restore)
*Adjustments to meet new feature requirementsHours $35/Hours additional Charge Up to 3 hours of design or development period included per month Up to 5 hours of design or development time included per month
Online Customer Support
Performance profiling & troubleshooting
Database Administration & support
Rescue from hack attacks
Server Migration
Repair Service
Cost per Month $250 $499 $4899

Website maintenance fine-tunes your site to confirm your site’s overall features work. Maintaining your website’s operating components supports you in successfully marketing your products and services.

  • All-around site advancements

    The best estimation of your website’s performance arrives from someone visiting your website, from clients to employees to leads. Inquiries, observations, criticisms, and recommendations from site guests feed valuable feedback to enhance your site. You can utilize these suggestions to enhance your site’s online performance with periodic website supervision.

  • Product or service updates

    As your business persists in growing, your products, services, and the content will inevitably modify. That’s why companies need a constant plan and strategy for modernizing old products, revising existing service information, and more.
    With our website maintenance plans, you maintain your business website updated for users. This farseeing step profits your company in numerous ways, entitling you to supply the latest products, services, and updated information to simplify the user shopping experience.

    Shoppers lean on online services, and they also trust your website to deliver the authentic details they require before reaching you or arriving at your store. The data on your site must be up-to-date for this motivation and many more.

  • Interactivity maintenance

    With ever-evolving technologies, a website seems aged if the interactive features get shirked. If your site’s development components aren’t functioning on every browser and device, you will lose recent and probable clients. Plus, you tire your online reputation.


If you’re subscribing to website maintenance services for the first time or changing providers, it’s crucial to apprehend what your package comprises. 

For consideration, here are a few instances of what you won’t acquire with website maintenance services:

  • Navigation redesign
  • Media creation
  • Media edits
  • Content writing
  • New site functionality
  • Site redesigns
  • Interactive Features
  • SEO  

Pick your company’s best site maintenance plan or repairing services and ensure you have the support you need.

    * If you’re seeking an entrusted website maintenance company with a history of satisfied clients, Fill this form to get your custom quote for website maintenance services!

    Frequently Asked Question

    Below, the most common and repeated questions which our visitors ask about our maintenance services. Listing client queries with short descriptions to help our readers access answers quickly. If you do not find your topics, contact us through live chat support or send your message on the instant messenger app like Whatsapp, skype.

    • What are most common reason to buy website maintenance servicves?

      Some of the most common website maintenance services you will get:
      • Regularly updating the website.
      • Running backups.
      • Checking for 404 errors and server redirects.
      • Removing spam comments.
      • Updating the content.
      • Testing page speeds.
      • Checking any opt-in forms.

    • How much does it cost to maintain a small business website?

      The latest website maintenance costs for 2022

      • Personal Website – $10 to $20 /mo
      • Professional Blog – $20 to $35 /mo
      • Small Business Website –  $20 to $60 /mo
      • SMB Business Website – $35 to $80 /mo

    • How long does website maintenance take?

      Maintenance duration can vary greatly. 

      Sometimes a site might be down for only a few minutes. Other times it could be an hour or two, or even longer. 

      That’s why the real response is that website maintenance can take anything from a few minutes, hours, a month, or full-time support. The most noteworthy thing is that you keep the right agency that regularly maintains your website.

    • What’s the difference between server maintenance and website maintenance?

      Servers take care of all your data; it is important to watch and properly care for them so that you don’t lose valuable information in case of an error. Server maintenance is keeping the server updated and working in tip-top shape. Such maintenance involves constant monitoring and continuously analyzing how the server is functioning. 

      The best server maintenance plan must include on-site service. This service is needed for a large company that needs 24/7 support. Small businesses do not need much if they need, hire server admin remotely

      Website Maintenace service is the work to keep your site fully operational and healthy. When you ignore it after development, the code and the software will become outdated at some point. This condition will affect the site’s loading time, cause broken links, and generate outdated content. The user experience will become sloppy and unpleasant. 

      At Shartra technology, we offer both maintenance services for our clients.

    • Why does my website need maintenance after development?

      Because it is important to keep your data, content, plug-ins, etc., up to date, this will keep your users engaged and informed and diminish the gravity of a cyber attack.

    • Is my website available to my customers while maintenance is done?

      Yes. Your website will function normally while the routine maintenance work is performed.

    • Can I execute maintenance changes myself?

      Relies on the kind of website you have, if it allows you or not. We advise heading to a professional website maintenance company to avoid additional problems or bad executions.

    • Can my site be struck by hackers even if it has routine maintenance work accomplished?

      No, website is 100% hacker-proof. By preserving your site up to date, you don’t bearing any great hacking damage risk, and the impacts of a hack are low to none.

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