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Level up your E-commerce game with our exceptional Magento 2 Development Services. Let us transform your vision into a powerful online store that drives growth and success.

  • eCommerce Design & Development Website

    Experience the Pinnacle of Magento eCommerce Design & Development with Shartra Technology. Our unrivaled expertise in crafting exceptional online experiences sets us apart as the leading choice for businesses seeking the best Magento services. From captivating designs that mesmerize your audience to robust functionality that fuels conversion, our dedicated team is driven by a passion for delivering unparalleled results. Trust in our proven track record and let us elevate your online presence to new heights, setting you apart from the competition and propelling your business towards unmatched success.

  • Magento Migration

    When it comes to Magento migration, we excel in providing unmatched expertise and flawless execution. Our team of seasoned professionals understands the intricacies of the migration process, ensuring a smooth transition while preserving your valuable data, optimizing performance, and enhancing user experience. With a proven track record of successful Magento migrations, our commitment to excellence and meticulous attention to detail make us the preferred choice for businesses seeking the best Magento migration services.

  • Magento Upgrade

    With our extensive experience, technical expertise, and commitment to excellence, we have successfully completed numerous Magento upgrade assignments, empowering businesses to unlock new levels of success. Here’s why you can confidently choose Shartra Technology for your Magento upgrade project:

    1. Proven Track Record 
    2. Skilled Magento Professionals
    3. Tailored Solutions
    4. Data Security and Preservation
    5. Post-Upgrade Support



Magento Updates, Upgrades

We transfer Web layout, Magento extensions, database, and custom functionality from Magento 1 to Magento 2.


New Features and Functionality

Upgrade from earlier versions of the Magento website: Update PHP, Elasticsearch, and other services for compatibility with the new Magento version.


Server Management

Magento grants thousands of retailers and brands the best eCommerce platforms and flexible cloud solutions to innovate and multiply.


Code Deployment

We produce full-responsive mobile websites and Magento app development services to give your e-commerce store an omnichannel advantage.


Day to day high-end development

Simplify business by taking custom integrated solutions in the M2 admin panel. Update store to get real-time management with third-party extensions.

Enhance M2 e-store Performance & Peace of Mind: Subscribe Now Maintenance Service with Web Optimization

Site Audit | Security Patches | Version Upgrades | Clean/Roll-up Logs | Monitoring/Alerts | Performance Management

Partner with us and experience top-notch quality cost-effective M2 solutions without breaking the bank. Explore Our Affordable Magento Development Services Today!

  • Custom Magento Integrations

    Collaborate with us to create a Super eStore solution. We help you customize integration with third-party applications, PoS systems, ERP, and more:

    • API 
    • Payment gateway 
    • Shipping
    • CRM
    • SAAS
    • Any Third-Party Integration
  • Magento Customization Service:

    We are experts with Magento 1 & Magento 2 and proficient with custom coding for:

    • M2 Extension Development 
    • Custom Module for backend
    • One Step Checkout 
    • Magento Cart
    • Theme Customization
    • Troubleshooting and Bug Fixing


  • Transform Your Magento Store | Optimize, Boost, and Dominate

    As a top-tier Magento SEO company, we specialize in elevating online visibility, driving targeted traffic, and maximizing conversions.

    • Magento SEO Services 
      • Technical Optimization
      • Keyword Research and Implementation
      • On-Page Optimization
      • Link Building Strategies
      • Social Media Integration
      • Monitoring and Analysis
      • Local SEO Optimization
      • Stay Updated

Success Stories

Explore a thriving portfolio of case studies where Magento solutions are delivered to our clients and fulfill their requirements that fuel business growth.

Marketing Partner for PBS: Tele-Health Solution

Being As SEO & Social Media Marketing Partner for PBS

Business To Business Sea Port Industry Marketplace store

B2B eCommerce marketplace development.

Frequently Asked Questions

Supercharge Your Business- From setup to Execution. Below, the most common and repeated questions which our visitors ask about our Magento consulting services. Listing client queries with short descriptions to help our readers access answers quickly. If you do not find your topics, contact us through live chat support or send your message on the instant messenger app like Whatsapp, skype.

  • How Shartra Help in your Magento Store?

    A highly qualified Full Stack Magento developer with tons of experience can dramatically help you grow your business based on this Magento platform and help you succeed.

    • Day to day high-end development
    • Server Management
    • Magento Updates, Upgrades
    • Code Deployment
    • New Features and Functionality
    • Site Enhancement

  • How much cost you billed for services:

    Pricing Plan

    1 hrs/day Service – $30

    One Week Service – $850.

    Full day Service – $150 

    For more details, Please check the Hire Magento developer page.

  • Can Magento run on shared hosting?

    Yes, you can host Magento websites on shared hosting, but VPS and dedicated hosting recommendations give the store more performance and reliability. 

  • Is Magento cloud-based?

    Magento 2 Commerce Cloud is a Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) created on a redundant AWS-based cloud hosting infrastructure. Unlike classic SaaS e-commerce platforms, Magento Enterprise Cloud Edition is highly customizable, scalable, and considerably simplifies integration with third-party systems.

  • Which is best Magento or WordPress?

    WordPress is more user-friendly than Magento, but Magento is a more powerful eCommerce solution. 

    WordPress is a better marketing and content solution. In contrast, Magento’s paid themes are ultra-professional.

  • Why choose Magento migration services from Shartra?

    Shartra should be your Magento migration match because, for nearly five decades, Shartra has been delegating eCommerce businesses with feature-rich capabilities and is a proud client-winning agency. We have got you covered for any Migration services, just a regular Magento version upgrade.

  • Can I become reseller your magento services ?

    If you’re interested in becoming a reseller for Magento services, you would need to reach out to us directly to inquire about our reseller program and discuss potential partnership opportunities. We will be able to provide you with the necessary information and guide you through our reseller onboarding process. Visit our reseller page:

  • How does a reseller partnership for Magento services work?

    In a reseller partnership, the reseller promotes and sells Magento services provided by a specialized Magento service provider to their own clients. We fulfill the services while the reseller manages client relationships and acts as a bridge between the client and us.

  • What Magento services can I resell?

    As a reseller, you can offer a range of Magento services, including Magento website development, theme customization, module/plugin integration, performance optimization, security enhancements, migration, maintenance, and support.

  • How do I set pricing for reselling Magento services?

    Pricing for reselling Magento services can vary based on factors such as the complexity of the project, customization requirements, ongoing support needs, and market rates. It’s essential to have a clear pricing structure that balances profitability and competitiveness.

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