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Being As SEO & Social Media Marketing Partner for PBS.

P2PC is a technology of Proficient Business Services run their work with a mission to provide affordable healthcare services to empowering health providers with the digital tools to better care for their patients and manage their medical practices, positions PBS as a leader in this space Telehealth Services with the launch of P2PC Health.

Company: P2PC_Health

Based: Bahamas

Industry: Health Care

Business Model: Work for multiple areas – Patient & Health care service provider, Individual Doctor, Clinic


Our client Antonio says; We run a P2pchealth in Nassau, Bahamas. Many similar Telehealth businesses in our area, so you want to stand out from the crowd.

  • “Telehealth”
  • “Remote Patient Monitoring”
  • “Remote Healthcare”
  • “Telemedicine”
  • “Electronic Medical Record
  • “EMR”
  • “Integrated Health Kit And Services”

“Shartra talented team accomplish my goals through several strategies: Claiming my business name on Google My Business (GMB) listing and including specific website and business title keywords. In addition, they help me in Optimizing our site’s content with some location-specific keywords for rankings to rise naturally. Highly recommend as the best remote-based Digitial Marketing Team for outsourcing internet marketing tasks. “

Antonio E.
PBS Transformation Healthcare


What We deliver

Digital Advertising based on search and social model. Introductory & Engagement Campaigns are a successful Digital Marketing Plan for p2pchelath to achieve results and generate genuine leads in the lowest budget.

Sametime with apply Content Marketing Strategy to re-engage audience of Social media platform through content such as:

  • Blog post
  • Social media post
  • Infographics
  • Images
  • Short Video

Shartra Team Serve

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Parameters you look at to evaluate Marketing success?

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