How digital marketing helps in improving brand engagement?

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How digital marketing helps in improving brand engagement?

Digital marketing

Marketing strategy has drastically changed over the past decades. This in return has changed the behavior of buyers. This shift in consumer behavior and their purchasing decision has made digital marketing an important part of the marketing strategy for all the businesses, regardless of size or industry.
As the marketing strategy changes and everything is going online, all the businesses need to understand digital marketing. How does it work? How it will impact their business growth and brand engagement?

Out casting the traditional marketing, digital marketing ruling the business world. It opens the doors to its marketers to reach out to as many customers around the world. It acts as an extra hand for the marketers in connecting the brand and customers with a strong bond. How? We will learn below.

Digital Marketing and Brand Engagement

In the age of traditional marketing, marketers used print media and televised advertisements to build brand interaction with customers. Eventually, they get what they want and have a long list of loyal customers. Apple Inc. was one of the best examples of this engagement. But this emotional attachment sometimes took ages.

Digital marketing helps you to promote and channelize brands on all the online platforms and social media all at once. In the digital era, this could work as ‘Brahamastra’. Digital marketers take your brand to every household in a click only. It uses every touchpoint of your daily use of the internet.
With the competition growing brutally between companies, consumers can easily switch if they do not get the services as they like it to be. So to always keep up with the ever-growing market and internet reach to every household, for these businesses it is necessary to always be present online and boost visibility.

What is Brand Engagement & Digital Marketing

Brand Engagement is a loyalty and word-of-mouth marketing everlasting on the customer’s mind. Every customer knows a company by its brand name. They feel an emotional attachment towards that brand and give their lifetime loyalty to that company.
Digital marketing has given a new face to word-of-mouth marketing. Where everything goes viral with a simple ‘Like-share-comment’ strategy. Interaction with the companies, talking about the brands, everything is on to the new level. Building a relationship with customers has found a new way.
The key element to build this connection is a proper knowledge exchange, so information communication technologies build immense opportunities for the organizations.
You get it right, one can win this battle with a big win or can easily lose it all with one wrong step.

Digital marketing  directly impacts consumer decisions like what product and services they buy through the internet.
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Impacts of Digital Marketing on Brand Engagement:

As we learn, we can achieve brand engagement when your customers’ word-of-mouth marketing. Digital marketing has helped it to reach on to the next level. Unlike traditional marketing, where word-of-mouth sometimes gets limited to one place or a group of people only. Where sometimes interact with the consumers was equal to zero.
A coin has two sides, such as the use of Digital marketing on brand engagement. It may weigh out its negative side with its immense positive impact on the growth of companies and their brand relation with their customers.
All these steps provide a better platform for companies to connect their brand name with customers, but sometimes some of these steps may harm brand engagement.

Positive Impact: 

  1. Consuming Content – You may say it is an old strategy to engage with customers, but it is worth it. When customers regularly read, watch or listen to the content created by companies. It can be in the form of blogs, videos or small ads. It generates a significant amount of attention. Yes, it may be passive, not directly resulting in actions, but attention is the start towards a long journey.
  2. Like: A Facebook post when company shares related to any cause or action happening around or in your daily life. And the consumer shows interest in it by giving a small thumbs up on the post is more than enough. Such shared messages sometimes let your brand connect with the emotions of your consumers. Indirectly building image within the customers. 
  3. Comment: Digital marketers build a stage where consumers enter the brand bubble. This happens when the consumers are excited about what you are doing and start sharing their ideas with you, or maybe with each other. Yes directly, indirectly they are talking about you. Congratulations!! your brand has built the community.  
  4. Share: The circle is now completing the ‘Share’ action. The circle of Like, Comment and share. It happens when people are not just talking inside the community, but also sharing it with others. They are sharing their real-life experiences in their friend circles. They are voluntarily advertising your brand and expanding the brand bubble. Congratulations, you’ve built the list of loyal customers and brand engagement is on a healthy path. Thanks to your Social media platform.
Build a brand distinction
  1. Interaction: Your social media content has helped you to build your community. Time to take your brand engagement on to the next level. Not so common factor in digital marketing, but has helped some companies. As now, they are ready to be part of any event or gathering. Why don’t use it and talk with your fans? Podcasts, live streams on Instagram, Facebook pages are quick and easy ways to arrange such small sessions with your fan base. 
  2. Brand Content: Let your fan create content for you. Heard about Tik Tok and Instagram. They have become the number one platform for such activities. We achieve this ultimate expression of brand engagement when customers actively take a brand and build content by amalgamating their self-expression and identity of the brand. For example, Instagram posts with a company product or small brand-related content (unpaid) on their (customer) accounts. 
Negative Impact:
  1. The temporary impact of Ads: Digital marketing puts all its effort into promoting a brand or product on all its channels like Google ads, banners, promo emails or social media ads. These ads or banners can easily be ignored. Sometimes no one bothers to open your promo email. These ads are intangible and less permanent. Leaving a temporary impact on customers.
  2. Annoying Ads.: Unlike traditional marketing, customers can sometimes take Digital marketing ads as annoying. For instance, you are scrolling through your account and suddenly pops up an ad based on your last night search history. Correct me if I am wrong, it has ruined your moment and the post you were enjoying. At that moment, you want to take that pop notification out of your sight. This clever targeting turns out to be destroying the brand and its image between the building community.
  3. A cycle of Like-Share-Comment: Let’s face it if you post something on your page without doing research. You feel that this hashtag story is trending for example #metoomoment. So you posted something without digging deeper into the topic. And that post spread a different message. Your post will suddenly turn into a hatred platform and you are facing the rage of your customers. This cycle will destroy your brand image in a night.
  4. Security & Privacy: In this digital era, privacy and security have become the biggest threat to any company. Hacking and overtaking your social media platform is very easy these days. This will result in a leak of information. Or a problem like bugs can delay loading information on the websites. These small things will leave a more drastic impact on the brand. For brand engagement, every company must implement more stringent security measures to avoid fraudulent dealings. 
The best digital marketing feel like building a brand reputation

It is true the deeper a customer goes into brand engagement, the more their actions represent the brand identity. And the best way to allow them to show their loyalty towards the brand is the use of social networking platforms.
It is simple to say digital marketing is helpful for brand engagement, but one wrong step will destroy everything you have done to set up your brand image.
This topic is as deep as the relation between brand and customer. But for now, enjoy the benefits of brand engagement by using your social media accounts.

Digital marketing can be a boon or curse for any company if not handled carefully.

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