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Opening New Business Window. Wherever we are, we are as one. We entirely, without exclusion, need links to achieve an extraordinary milestone.


Our Curriculum Grants A Money From Profits


Earn Financial incentives, Pro Marketing Advantage, and Premium Commissions.


Access to world-class solutions, sellouts tools, and order generation plans.


Provide an extensive program to improve your sales, technological, and marketing skills.


We are excited to collaborate with our channel partners and resellers, as we would never reach all territories and customers by ourselves. We do everything to support our partners, provide relevant information, and make it easy to sell shartra services/products and work with us effectively. We arrange a seasonal associate summit that allows us to meet face-to-face and periodically webinars to encourage our resellers to get to know Shartra and our roadmap plan better. To reimburse the most prosperous allies, we hold a year-end co-worker grants ceremony.

Shartra Technology Pvt. Ltd.

Here is a brief about the four partnership programs offered by


Private Label Partnership

You have an accomplished sales team and looking for technical solutions to fulfill your client needs.

This partnership program is ideal for those with a founded brand name and a skilled team to produce leads but does not crave spending in an established technical department. Shartra can be your outsourcing associate and take responsibility for delivering the ultimate output.

We will introduce the quote and final price for the client project, and we mature as your true IT outsourcing partner. All the client connections will be your responsibility; ownership and billing of the record will be in your signature.

For a sign-off Private Label Partnership contract, contact [email protected].


Franchise Distributorship

Under this schedule, You sell our services and name following your local region.

Shartra Technology has a built a solid and well-known brand name in the IT industry for the past 5 Years.

Sell and Market our services under the Brand name Shartra and take advantage of our extensive portfolio & testimonials to establish on-the-spot credibility.

For a sign-off Franchise Distributorship contract, contact
[email protected].


Commission Refferalship

Our company profile is recommended for your client project or send any lead to us; if it converts, you will get a % commission advantage in the company earnings.

This business plan is perfect for fellowships with an accomplished & adept solid network and wishes to reroute leads to Shartra. Only you need to present us with references, and we will manage the information, and you get a portion of the remuneration earned for those clients.

For a sign-off Commission Refferalship contract, contact
[email protected].


Strategic Alliance

It treats you reach more possibilities and empowers us to offer your business services to Shartra Technology.

We are interested in developing a strategic partnership with other IT industry experts who have more extended to provide than our current list of services. This collaboration could be a Co-Branded Partnership.

For a sign-offCo-Branded Partnership contract, contact
[email protected].

Partner Program


First, evaluate the relevant Partner Program Model based on your enterprise needs and aptitudes.


Next, please fill out the partner form, which our teams will review. In your application, we might inquire about your experience details & document verification for approval. Then, your application details will be forwarded to the head of the management.


If management approves it, you will get the Contract form in your business email to sign the contract. When both parties signed, Finally, start work together and make good business relation.

Important notes

icon-alert.pngIf you are a company, please use your company domain email address for your registration.
icon-alert.pngBefore applying, please ensure that you have an active website and are registered with the states, you conclude business in.
icon-alert.pngIf you are a person, register with non-corporate domains (such as Gmail/Hotmail/Yahoo, for example).
icon-alert.pngBy applying, you agree to provide information (by email, phone, and post) regarding your Partnership Program relationship is valid.

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