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What Is Cryptocurrency SEO?

A report by Fidelity predicts seven out of ten institutional investors will purchase a cryptocurrency for their company or clients’ portfolios momentarily. Mainstream favor, the rise of NFTs, and investments by private equity billionaires like David Rubenstein indicate cryptocurrency, like gold, is here to stay. The digital currency market is predicted to grow to 2.2. billion USD by 2026, and its glorified longevity examines pledging for enterprises in the cryptocurrency industry and crypto investors.

SEO for cryptocurrency can support crypto companies gain more traffic, push client growth, sales, and referrals to their cryptocurrency sites. Because a website is over-saturated, crypto enterprises must ensure their digital marketing SEO earns the confidence of search engines and is finely adjusted to their target audience. 


How to Optimize SEO for Your Cryptocurrency Website

Before cryptocurrency marketing, you have to answer the following question: What are your goals for your cryptocurrency website?

If your objective is to boost traffic, sales, and recoveries on investment (ROI), you will have a well-defined crypto SEO approach to accomplish it.


Below is a tips procedure to optimizing SEO for your cryptocurrency website:

1. Conduct Keyword Research: 

For search engine ranking, optimize your cryptocurrency websites; your first phase is to learn your target audience’s specific keywords to explore for your website structure on search engines like Google.

Good keyword ideas for cryptocurrency marketing will contain crypto-related words like Bitcoin, crypto, buy cryptocurrency, etc.

The best way to conduct keywords research is utilizing a keyword planner tool like Ahrefs Keyword Explorer & Semrush Keyword Magic Tool (if your SERPs is Google)

According to relevant keywords analysis on Coinbase, their top page ranked No. 1 for 8,639 keywords, with Coinbase as the main keyword. It has tempted traffic of 3,247,071 and is worth $1.1M. 


2. Optimize your Content:

SEO high-quality content writing is the best manner to adjust your content to a grade that pleads to your target audience and search engines. Your cryptocurrency site’s SEO content marketing technique should concentrate on writing and publishing relevant, high-quality cryptocurrency website content with keywords associated with your niche.

Your content should be unique, in-depth, appropriate, correctly formatted, and without grammatical mistakes.

Glancing for content gaps in contending websites will also permit you to understand the keywords to centralize so that your content will overpower your competitors.

Take a glimpse at the impact of executing a content gap research with three of Coinbase’s top competitors – eToroKraken, and Gemini

  • Coinbase vs eToro
  • Coinbase vs Gemini
  • Coinbase vs Kraken 

Another Example:

  • Binance vs. Bibox 
  • Binance vs. Bithumb
  • Binance vs. Bittrex
  • Binance vs. Huobi


3. Create Reliable Landing Pages: 

Your website should have trustworthy landing pages for each component of your cryptocurrency company. We often see only one page of cryptocurrency sites, which dramatically diminishes your possibilities for online exposure because you drown down your details. Having devoted landing pages on distinct topics produces much more authoritative content that will push traffic to your site. 

Your cryptocurrency website landing pages must be accessible to all visitors without logging in to your site because search engines cannot crawl pages demanding login attributes.

Also, make a particular crypto website structure page with descriptive anchor text to give users insights into your product. Don’t overload the target keywords of your landing pages.

A brief review of Coinbase’s Ahrefs study indicates that they utilize their top keywords in their landing pages. They have 694 landing pages with their most heightened ranking landing page ranks for 1,030 keywords and attracts traffic of 74.7%.

Unlike Coinbase, any other crypto-sites has only lessened ten landing pages, with their top-most having 53 keywords and attracting 9.8% traffic. 


4. Get Backlinks: 

How can you improve the domain authority of your crypto website?

Link building nourishes an efficient answer to achieving authority for your website. You can create your backlink profile to grow your site’s visibility and gain better rankings in search engine result pages (SERPs). In accomplishing this, your SEO rankings will also rise, thereby boosting your traffic and sales.

Ranking lavishly on Google for famous and competitive crypto search keywords needs high-quality content with backlinks from authoritative websites (believe of backlinks as votes of confidence which give Google better needles to return your website as a hunt result).

To acquire and construct your backlink profile, you can accomplish the following:

  • Contend in regular blogging.
  • Build and post relevant, high-quality content on blogs section of web pages.
  • Concentrate on making content that will implore your crypto audience so that you can gain backlinks. For example, employ microsites, directories, and different cryptocurrency-related resources.
  • Determine cryptocurrency influencers and reach out to them for support share your content. Not solely will this practice make your connections, but it will help you create backlinks.
  • Discover your competitors are bringing their top backlinks, then repeat the same links. 


Coinbase website Ahrefs study indicates over 10.9M backlinks with about 66.3K referring domains.


5. Optimize Featured Snippets: 

You can achieve featured snippets by incorporating highly competitive keywords in your SEO crypto strategy. This method will enable you to outrank your competition and increase your click-through rate (CTR) and impressions. 


6. Crypto Site Structure: 

A crypto website should glance remarkably distinct from other websites. Additionally, guests will easily recall your website as a crypto webpage if it is managed and structured as per technical cryptocurrency information. 

Therefore, arranging your crypto website structure into concern when optimizing your pages for SEO will make your site appeal to only your target audience. 


7. Optimize your Crypto Website’s Page Speed: 

We can’t underestimate the significance of page speed to your site’s ranking. Statistics tell that 53 percent of mobile website visitors will exit any webpage that bears more than three seconds to load.

In addition to being fatiguing and depressing, a webpage that loads slowly has high bounce rates, which won’t proceed unrecognized by Google. A proliferation in bounce rates will result in Google reducing your rankings in SERPs.


8. Add Relevant Keywords in Metadata: 

Do you want to rank for keyword divergences?

Our meta descriptions and page titles should also have keyword modifiers like buy, sell, and crypto. Recommendations and commission prices can too be a stake of the meta page title.

Google will push your site to rank higher for keyword search phrase variations when applying this. It will also raise your click-through rate (CTR). It will also boost your click-through rate (CTR). 


9. Watch Rank in SERPs Regularly

If you continue to read this article, it is evident that you want your crypto website to be the first on SERPs.

How will you encounter where you are on the result page?

Begin by chasing your SERPs.

Conduct some quests with your crypto-related primary keywords. If your webpage does not emerge on the first page or is not the first on the list, you must initiate an SEO investigation on your website.

In chance, you are wondering, “I need a professional cryptocurrency marketing expert to apply the above methods for ranking factor in my SERPs?”

SEO crypto tactics are priceless for your cryptocurrency company or platform’s blossoming. However, completing its work for you is tasking and time-consuming. At Shartra technology, we understand these rules. So let’s companion with you to enhance your site’s ranking, acquire a wider audience, and boost conversions. Contact us.


10. Assemble Dedicated Q & A or Frequently Asked Questions Pages to Answer Users’ Crypto Queries: 

Someone who is eventually investing in cryptocurrency usually asks questions about it—finding the most relevant crypto-related queries using keyword tools like Ahrefs Keyword ExplorerGoogle Keyword Planner, and Moz Keyword Explorer

The keyword data you will acquire from any of these keyword research tools will give you an understanding of what your target audience likes to learn about crypto so that you can form an FAQ porter that will respond to their queries.

We will attract more traffic to your site and boost your reputation as an authority in cryptocurrency if we do this. As more visitors arrive to rely on your brand and lean on you for details, your conversion rates will also increase.


11. Add a caption to web images: 

One of the most promising ways to fast obtain info to your target audience is by utilizing visuals, such as photos, graphs, infographics, etc.

But that’s not close enough.

Search engine spiders or crawlers must-read text on a client site and examine it before comparing it to keywords in users’ search questionings. This procedure helps little down your competitor to only websites in your niche.

Unfortunately, these spiders do not wriggle images. That’s why the solution is: Write captions that include keywords for your pictures. 


12. Make Localized Pages for your International Audience

If your crypto company targeting various countries then we form localized content for separately countries to enhance your conversion rates. In addition, building detailed content for distinct regions will be fantastic for local inquiries and increase your visibility internationally.


Brownie points: Blunders to Detour

  • Don’t undervalue the use of CMS platforms.
  • Never write page titles without including your primary keywords.
  • Avoid creating single webpage websites.
  • Don’t operate only one subdomain.
  • Don’t upload your own original content on online publishing platforms that hide your ownership or identity.


Can You Improve the Ranking of Your Crypto Website?


SEO crypto tactics are valuable for the growth of your cryptocurrency company or marketplace. 

Focusing on cryptocurrency SEO techniques like keyword research, link building, content publishing, and analytics will improve sales and find you as an authority in your industry. We understand SEO can be difficult on your own, that is why we have a team committed to SEO search engine plans. Crypto businesses that operate with us. At Shartra Technology Digital Marketing acquire quality traffic and revenue growth for NFT marketing, Crypto-marketing projects. Why not attempt our free SEO audit?




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