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Advice and guidance are intended to help you gain new skills, improve performance and enhance the quality of your career. 

Practice training like nevermore before 

With the ever-changing macro-economic conditions that rapidly alter how the IT industry makes your career, it is no surprise that organizations are actively re-evaluating their in-house workspace with a new generation. In addition, they are pre-emptively investing in more effective hiring methods to achieve a trendy market.



Convenient and Practical Training Empower Job Opportunity | Shartra Technology

Fantastic access to content, linked with effective and efficient professionals, brings a standard shift in learning. Moreover, the ever-developing staffing that grows on digital training confirms that industrial activity is modernizing from entry to advanced.

Shartra identifies long-range skills of the recruitment industry and cultivates intellectual talent to meet market necessities. As a result, our sequence plans typically concentrate on courses that help placement in the company.

Build the skills that stand ahead from the crowd 



Discover your strength and weaknesses

Get visibility into what your teams know, where their skills stand today and where they need to skill up. 

Transform your skills for the future​

Build the expertise you require via immersive training using methodology – Learn | Practice | Appraise | Gain realistic work experience 

Cover progress with the correct data

Acquire the insights to ensure you build on the abilities you need to deliver on industry demand—track progression in crucial areas, train on live project completion and engagement.

Train your roles to fit in market calls

Upskill can count you into contemporary roles and be able to get the right jobs.​

Career Options

career opportunities of digital marketing


Search Engine Optimization | SEO – 

It is a forever high-demand job position. With an increase in online businesses after the pandemic, an SEO specialist has become the requirement of every business, brand, and industry. SEO Executive leads advancing to:

  • SEO Senior Executive
  • SEO Strategist
  • SEO Manager
  • SEO Director.

Pay Per Click | PPC-

The job above role necessitates a person to be well-versed in search engine marketing (SEM) origins, including search engine optimization (SEO.) The head goal of each PPC analytical specialist is to utilize the online marketing disciplines and produce high-grade ROI.


Social Media Marketing | SMM –

A Social Media Executive handles all social media channels, drives to join with the actual audience building a faithful customer base. You will become into this department as a social media marketing executive as:

  • SMO specialist
  • SEM Strategist or consultant
  • Social media marketing manager 

Content Writer 

If you are a grammar master with a talent for phrasing with words, this is the best-suited profession for you.

A content writer produces content for blogs, articles, product descriptions, social media, and the company website. In addition, they appraise analytics to modify content as required, regularly updating the company’s website and promoting the company blog by diving articles to various platforms. Career paths order progress:

  • Junior content writer
  • Senior content writer
  • Content strategists
  • Editor | Proofreader etc

Digital Account Manager

The primary responsibility of an Account Manager is to procure new business forward with managing the existing business.
You have to manage the client’s accounts to listen- customer needs, helping to meet client objectives and ensure customer satisfaction.


Email Marketer

As SEO & internet marketing booming, email marketing also becomes crucial demand to promote a company, keep a brand reputation. You will learn how marketing will operate via mail.

career opportunities of PHP developer


Web developer 

A PHP Developer is qualified for building and performing an array of Web-based outcomes using PHP, MySQL, Ajax, and JavaScript. You finish back-end elements, attach the application with other web services, and serve front-end developers by guaranteeing their work blends with the application.


Website builder 

Develop professional websites using many web builder platforms like Wix, Shopify, Google sites, Bootstrap, Squarespace, etc. Design and uniformity signify at the core of your web-building skills. Efficiently create, customize and implement client requirements through knowledge of basic web coding and RnD.


Theme Development

If you have web designing zealous and you can play with color, graphics, elements to produce a simple but stand beautiful website then you will start your career as a theme builder. Before, You have to clear the basic web designer course level then learn advanced designing structure.


Application/ software developer 

If you think, you can understand backend structure and implement applications to get data from frontend users & store & update in the backend then you must become a software developer. It is not facing a website development job but develops functionality for Plugin, modules, scripts, extensions, etc.


API programmer 

  • The skills and experience that you might need to have already before starting to learn API may include understanding primary programming languages, like JavaScript, PHP, or MySQL.
  • JavaScript is usually used in generating APIs, and the API works as a messenger, delivering an answer for a selective software request. If you relish programming and enjoy the process that APIs lead to websites and landing pages, then learning API is fit for you.

Website Optimizer –

Researching, Performing and implementing content optimization for organic search engine optimization success. Like many CMS websites, there is prebuild plugin coming for it. But for custom and core PHP websites, need Web developers for optimizing website pages manually via basic HTML, CSS & Js code. You can build your future for as website loadtime speed booster.

career opportunities of Magento Developer


Magento 2 frontend Developer

From small business B2C to B2B and marketplace website developed using Magento. As Magento 2 web developer, you can start to develop a basic Magento 2 b2c site. You learn about:

  •  Building and installing storefront themes
  • Customizing M2 admin part
  • develop custom extension

Magento backend developer, You familiar with skills :

  • CSS, CSS 3
  • HTML and HTML 5
  • XML
  • JavaScript
  • PHP (Basic)



Magento Administrator 

To set up basic Magento on a server to start an e-commerce site. If you are a little week in coding and still looking to build your career in a technical field then Magento admin is suitable for you. You have to learn commands and cloud operation.

career opportunities of WordPress Developer


WordPress Frontend Developer

From basic informative dynamic website development to eCommerce store development using WordPress | PHP CMS technology. As WordPress developer, you can start to develop a fully responsive SEO-friendly website. You learn about:

  •  Building and installing Wp-themes
  • Customizing theme

Woocomerce Developer

From small business B2C to B2B and marketplace website developed using Woocommerce. As woo commerce developer, you can start to develop a basic b2c site. You learn about:

  •  Building and installing any storefront themes
  • Customizing store admin part
  • Develop cart, checkout & shipping functionality.

What you will learn | What you will earns ?

The Technical Certificate provided by Shartra Technology on course completion can cover the way to a fabulous career in the IT Industry. Professional industrial training courses allow learners to acquire and ace the intact structure of the IT department. Moreover, this exercise guides you on the fundamental concepts of the technical market works, such as which techniques work for business proprietors, how and when to recognize the intended recruiters, and describe you into a “target job position.”

A complimentary class is offered to you to learn – How to use social media sites to boost your profile connections that help in career growth.

Due to the deficiency of expertise in the IT sector, our certification program may heighten your preference in the eyes of a promised management. Moreover, while you combine traditional academic degree records with our certification programs, your demand rate rises, and you reach out from the competition. Besides this, extinction hits a technical Certificate as a witness to a recruiter that you are constantly enthusiastic about learning and improving your skills.

  • Help you know how the different subjects relate to one another and get the best advantage. 
  • Lead your profile ahead of competition and IT projects
  • Discover how to design, engineer, and perform multi-module actions
  • Achieve a complete conclusion of favorite digital marketing areas like PPC marketing, inbound/outbound marketing, SMM, SEM, SEO, and Google Analytics

Career Certification, You achieve a special designation to get a better Job

1Personalize Session
2Practice On Real-Time Projects
3Train By Skillful Actual Technical Instructor
41:1 Training At Your Place
5Lead Toward Writing Resume
6Schedule Class As Per Your Time

Daily (Monday to Friday) live/offline interactive training sessions with our instructors taught you every topic. You will be committed to daily assignments – based on the subject (that trainer will guide you every day). You have to submit a report that will be examined by our manager and conduct feedback sessions on every topic.

Career Certification, You achieve a programmer designation to get a better Job

Daily (Monday to Friday) live/offline interactive training sessions with our instructors taught you every topic. You will be committed to daily assignments – based on the subject (that trainer will guide you every day). You have to submit a report that will be examined by our manager and conduct feedback sessions on every topic.

1Initialize Basic Setup & Configuration
2Personal/Group Training
3Entire Course Come Into Simple Modules
4Explore Your Mind How To Do Research For Coding
5Discuss Basic To Advance Level Of Projects Structure
6Develop website: front-end | Back-end
7Integration API With Website
8Test On Local / Liver Server
9Get Study Material Online

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