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What makes your project a successful project?


After working for the last 10+ years, I am sharing my personal experience with you in this article. I have realized 70% of the project will not successful implementation.

You can seen image like below with tag “ Client expectation v/s actual delivery”

Why it happen? Have think ever. Might be or aboustly yes. Becuase 30% sucessful project will overcome from failure of project.

I am briefing factor that role very important in project development following below:-

  • Why need to develop the project: Yes, Simple answer to make new business online. Although, client need to research little question like Why people will use your application, how to make your own revenue, is your project solve a major user problem, etc.

Sometime, the Client will launch a project as a competitor. Before moving ahead, what are the factors you can resolve that not overcome from an existing solution? Is any way to provide a better solution from existing. Most important is existing system get a positive response. As an application developed not only for fewer common people.

  • Location: Business start first needs to clear in which location they will target. Because of System will design as per their audience usability.
  • Develop your own business logic: Many clients ask I need a clone of a specific brand. Ven they didn’t know how they manage their customer, order, what is a reaction of customer wrong feedback, etc. Instead, they need to know how what features he will give their customer, how they will manage their request, how the order will be managing, what will action taken in negative circumstances, etc. Most of the things How they will manage their employees on the system.
  • Go to the lowest cost offer provider: Provide your requirement details and ask a quote instead discuss the project, understand the complexity of a project, instead discuss disaster management, etc. Some of the clients told “please share your last quote “ then they compare price.

Have you think if you get huge range of price variation or little. Instead, you have a focus on the solution provided. As all know we can develop multiple solutions for a problem. You have chosen the best suitable solution for you.

The above points are the fact that needs to review & get an answer first. If you have done your above task then your 40% project features & functionality will be drawn in your mind. You can draw your project draft on paper. Now you need to discuss this draft with an expert who has really good analytics skills.

Here Client is contacting the technical person directly without consult with the Analyst. This is a client one more bad decision. A developer can visualize how they can develop code for the client drafted project. what about the structure of software? who develops it?

“Real incident that sharing with you”


Last year, an expert 8+ year expert coder shared his experience with me. He said: ” Sonu! A client came & shown an ERP application. He was saying that I need this application, would you develop a replica of it for me. I reviewed page design & functionality. I wrote that application code. Application has been developed but not a perfect solution I developed. I have to do this because I have to work because it was the boss ‘s order. All features & functionality working but system not working in a systematic way.

During the project development, I realize An analyst must require who guides how system data will work.

Above story Summary: A Client should discuss their draft project with a Project Analyst / Business Analyst who can go through & refine the draft that requires. Business Analyst will review the draft, add new features, able to refine way the way functionality, delete unwanted things that might be huge in your system. An Analyst can also suggest a new way that might be a client not aware of it.

Yes, I am not saying that the client must be done blind trust on a single provider, but you will get at least multiple solutions from several providers. Easiest way go with a freelancing portal where a huge list of provider networks you found. Now a client has a choice & needs to review analyze a better way.
After following the above process 70% chances increase to build a reliable application.

Now Success of a story will be written via your marketing strategy.
There are lots of mediums for marketing from traditional to digital. Most of the client thinks their project complete then he starts his marketing strategy. Some think to start marketing before project planning. What should they do?
Simple, a client can start digital marketing when your project reaches 60% completion. In this phase, you can start your project marketing from Social media, start branding.

  1. Require low-cost manpower, if you can manage it. You should as You will monitor how your audience responds to your project. What is their expectation?
  2. It is neither too early nor too late: When you start marketing after completion project, you have to invest more amount of money to generate your own visitor & audience. If you start social marketing then your brand trust will be already build up.
    Second hand if you start to early, then your visitor will be waiting too long and gradually visitor & audience lose slowly.
  3. During Marketing, there will be changes to get feedback & suggestion from your visitor that you can implement in your project.
  4. If you start paid marketing like give voucher & offer for pre-order booking. Here you will already convert the audience into a customer. Most probably a 10% chance but it is an effective plan.

Now I am complete my article with the hope you will like it. If any queries or suggestions, please write back to us.


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