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How to start eCommerce development ?


When we are looking for launch to eCommerce application, reach to IT consultant companies for it. Just reach to IT Company  and ask need ecommerce application , is it sufficient? Think about it.

If client aren’t sure about what they want , what are type of market they target, what is need of their customer. Most important what is or will be business logistic they will follow in their business. These are factor that reason of failure of new ecommerce startup.

Now let see category of ecommerce application project likewise:-

  • Single vendor
  • Single vendor along with delivery app
  • Multi-vendor
  • Multi-vendor along with delivery app
  • Marketplace

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In this article We discuss only single vendor ecommerce solution.

Single vendor ecommerce project: This type of project suitable for startup who want to run their via internet network. In this project admin itself act like vendor who get order from customer & able to manage it. Module must coming in project package:-

  1. Super Admin: This user mode who have all super power of the online business.
  2. Manager : This supportive user who have limited access of business which is assign by super admin. This user have access that require to run the business in absence of super admin.
  3. Customer:  This is frontend user who able take service and share his experience. This user for whom, project develop.

Basic features of single vendor ecommerce application:-

User Mode:

  • Signup
  • Login
  • View content
  • View category, product/service list
  • Add-remove product to cart
  • Add-remove Product in wishlist
  • Confirm order
  • Cancel Order
  • Track Order
  • Manage order history and payment
  • Manage offer
  • Go to support for help
  • Post feedback of experienced

For Marketing

Admin Panel Features:

  • Able refer app with friends & family. User will get referring reward.
  • Share product
  • Return Product
  • Refund inquiry
  • Post report if customer have any issue
  • Send message to admin.
  • Logout
  • Login with credential. Never share back door in public, your site will be hack.
  • Manage module likewise:
    • Customer
    • Sub admin
    • Category
    • Sub category
    • Product
    • Simple Inventory that able to uniform admin about stock.
    • Offer
    • Manage service location
    • Return inquiry
    • Refund inquiry
    • Customer Report
    • Customer message
  • Manage content
    • About us
    • Terms & condition
    • Policy
    • Contact information
  • Logout

Single vendor with delivery app:

In this project module include delivery boy app in solution. Shopkeeper who want to start the business  online, second phase they take responsibility to deliver customer order at customer door.
Imagine order get from app in large number per day , is it possible to manage order delivery manually? That’s why Add one more module for delivery person.

Basic features of user & admin panel are same as above. Yes few more features require to add in existing are following below:-

User Mode:

  • Track delivery boy in app
  • Able to delivery boy info

Admin Panel Features:

  • Manage module likewise:
    • Delivery boy list
    • Task: create task, assign task & update task.
    • Customer Feedback: Delivery boy service.
    • Track delivery boy

Features of delivery boy app below:-

  • Login via delivery login credential
  • View Assigned task
  • Update status of task
  • Send message to admin
  • Manage profile
  • Task history
  • Total number of working hours
  • Logout

After reading above article your vision has been clear, how your ecommerce application should be develop & having features implement.

If any query you have, feel free to ask with your expertise. Shartra’s consultant will assist you better way.


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